Soul to Soul Unique Holistic Equitation

I am a horsemanship practitioner, Reiki healer, artist and author. 
I provide the following services:

Horsemanship. Groundwork, Play & Horse Agility. Confidence Building. Motivational Tutoring. Positive Reinforcement & Ethical Horsemanship. Bitless Horsemanship. Soul to Soul Horsemanship for Minds, Bodies, Spirits & Souls. Relaxation. The Connection, Bond & Partnership. Live Your Dream.  

Healing. I provide stand alone Reiki healing for horses and humans. Or I can blend Reiki into horsemanship. Often our horse is the only one who can help us to heal and to teach us profound life changing lessons. 

Portraits. A portrait of a beloved equine makes a delightful, unique gift for a special loved one. Or why not treat yourself.  

My horsemanship approach and ethos is the partnership between horse and human is of minds, bodies, spirits and souls. Horses and humans are emotional sentient spiritual creatures. I teach people how to listen to understand their horse. So that horsemanship communication is dialogue. This dialogue is on all three levels spiritual, emotional and physical. This brings harmony, mutal trust, mutal respect resulting in a close partnership. The bond we seek is the connection of two beings mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. My approach is ethical with positive reinforcement at the centre. You can live your dream. The magical connection isn't magic, it is real.
Some people are not ready for a spiritual connection between themselves and their horse. That is fine, it is a very personal thing. I have no problem in helping people on any part of their journey of refinement of their horsemanship. Once refinement has been achieved the spiritual aspect is there to be discovered. Then it is up to each person if they wish to explore the possibility that two souls can be a connected consciousness. Once you have experienced it there is no going back.  
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Photograph by CA Slade
  • Do you need help to find harmony in your relationship with your horse?
  • Is horse ownership for you about the connection with your horse?
  • Do you want to better understand your horse?
  • Is the relationship with your horse as good as it can get?
  • Would you like your horse to be your friend and partner?
  • Are you seeking training methods based on mutal respect and mutal trust?
  • Are you looking to build confidence or banish anxiety?
  • Is something is holding you back?
  • Do you want to make time with your horse fun, rewarding and enjoyable?
  • Would you like to play with your horse?
  • Or maybe have a go at horse agility?
  • Is your horse spooky and needs help to relax and think rather than react?
  • Would you like to be able to relax with your horse?
  • How would you like to discover finesse using the very softest suggestions?

If any of the above questions resonate with you I can help you in achieving your equine dream. Please call or text on 07930605544 to find how I can help you and your horse. Or you can go to the Get in Touch page.

Not all equine and human relationships are plain sailing. 

I am a multi-published horsemanship practitioner who has a proven track record of success. My approach has been showcased in Horsemanship Magazine, Horse Magazine and Western UK Magazine with 27 different Published Articles. Below are links for more information on the areas I specialise in. 

Live Your Dream. We all own horses for very personal reasons. My horsemanship is about you and your horse living your dream, having fun and unlocking potential. I am passionate about non ridden equines, and everything we can learn from them to ensure that riding is ethical and permissive. 

The Connection. I can teach you how to have a full and rounded connection with your horse. As my horsemanship is about teaching you to listen, read and understand your horse. Horses telegraph in to us, the skill here is to engage in honest open two way dialogue with your horse. To be appropriate using the language of the herd. With the relationship central to everything. 

Confidence Building. I am very experienced in helping people and their horses to be confident and skilled in banishing anxiety. It is never to late too build confidence. I provide:

  • Private One to One Sessions. I will travel out to you and your horse.  
  • Just For You - Confidence Building and Banishing Anxiety Sessions. To compliment practical sessions I offer private one to one sessions (non horse) in the privacy of my home. This is to help you deal with deep rooted issues, such as anxiety, fear, the what if, negative inner dialogue, etc.....which all fuel the lack of confidence. I will work with so you understand the nature of the problem and how to take steps to be in control. I use a blend of cognitive behavioural techniques, the language of the herd and healing to banish anxiety and to build confidence. It is never too late to banish anxiety or confidently live your dream. 
  • I Run Workshops and Clinics.     
  • Confidence Building and Banishing Anxiety Downloads. You can download my interactive workbooks they provide insights, techniques and more for you to use alongside a practitioner of your choice.  

Clicker Training. My approach is all about being positive. I use ethical positive reinforcement methods to enable you and your horse to have fun and to unlock potential.  

Motivation. If you and or your horse are de-motivated, stuck in a rut, fed up or need an inspirational spark to ignite your passion this is an area I am very experienced in. 

Relaxation. Horse ownership should be about relaxing and enjoying shared activities. I can share with you relaxation techniques that are used by the herd. These techniques help tense, nervous and spooky horses to chill and relax. Relaxed horses are safer horses. Chilled horses can think rather than react. Relaxation enables faster learning.

Groundwork and Play. Maybe you are curious about natural horsemanship ground games and how to play with your horse. Or fancy having a go at Horse Agility. Playing with your horse is a wonderful way to have fun. It is great for bonding, building trust and confidence in any age of horse, be they a golden oldie or a youngster. It stimulates mind and body. Groundwork is way more than lunging and long reining. However these are great skills to learn and master and I am more than happy to teach these and much much more. 

Bitless. I am not anti bit. Bitless is a fantastic way to train your horse. If you are curious about giving it a go I can come out and let you and your horse try a number of different bitless bridles. I am a specialist in this area, with my work showcased in Horse Magazine. I am more than happy to provide you with insights and techniques to refine your horsemanship.  

The Power of Love. Every living soul thrives when experiencing love. Love is embeded in human and equine language. I will teach you how to tap into this powerful inner motivational force and have the relationship with your horse you crave. 

Soul to Soul. Earth Angels & Soul Companions. Can animals be earth angels and or soul companions? I think so. Horses have many qualities that we would give to angels or soul companions. Horse bring us joy, comfort, they can be healers and teachers. Horses often make us deal with issues from within, to be authentic and have clear, calm balanced energy. Horsemanship can be very therapeutic. Often our horse is the only one who can teach us profound and life changing lessons. I often work with people who are on an incredible personal journey with their horses. Here I use a blend of horsemanship and healing. 

Healing.  I provide stand alone Reiki healing for horses and humans. Or I can blend Reiki into horsemanship. Often our horse is the only one who can help us to heal and to teach us profound life changing lessons. Just like us horses experience physical and emotional wounds. Trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, fear, tension….all too common in our world for both human and horse. My approach is to use healing and horsemanship together to enable you and your horse to experience a wonderful connection with your horse. 

Equine Portraits. I am an artist. A portrait of a beloved equine makes a delightful, unique gift for a special loved one. Or why not treat yourself. So if you are looking for a portrait of your horse please check out my equine portraits. Prices start at only £45.00.   

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I look at a horse and see a living sentient being of mind and body with a spirit and soul looking back. I see a friend, a partner, interspecies soul companion with a unique spiritual bond. This deep understanding develops into a very special relationship. It is an interspecies connection of minds, bodies, spirits and souls. It can feel magical, but it is not, it real.   

My horsemanship is a clear, positive training approach for horses and humans with the relationship at the heart.

Some of my clients have arrived with me with complex issues surfacing in their horsemanship. My approach enables me to help both horse and rider through these issues to finding harmony and a close bond. My services will help you find a deeper understanding of your horse, relaxation, calmness and inner confidence. Helping you to bring out the best, fuel your passion & unlock potential. I can show you how to enable your horse to feel safe, secure, and to look to you for calm assertive guidance.