Unique Holistic Equitation

me and ruby caslade

Photograph by Catherine Slade

  • Do you want to solve problems?
  • Does your horse have unwanted or difficult behaviour?  
  • Are you experiencing a nightmare, feeling at a loss with your horse?
  • Do you dread certain aspects of horse ownership or riding?
  • Maybe you or your horse are fearful, tense or anxious and want to banish those feelings?
  • Are you looking to build confidence?
  • Want to hack confidently or happily go to a show?
  • Do you want to live your equine dream?
  • Is something is holding you back?
  • Are you seeking a close bond with your horse?
  • Does your horse carry past negative experiences, emotional baggage or trauma?
  • Is the relationship with your horse as good as it can get?
  • Do you want to better understand your horse?
  • Would you like your horse to be your friend and partner?
  • Do you want to make time with your horse fun, rewarding and enjoyable?
  • Would you like to play with your horse?
  • Or maybe have a go at horse agility?
  • Would you like to learn how to use ground exercises to benefit the relationship, bond, trust and keep your horse physically and mentally in great shape?
  • Is your horse spooky and needs help to relax and think rather than react?
  • Would you like to be able to relax with your horse?
  • How would you like to discover finesse using the softest suggestions?

If any of the above questions resonate with you I can help you in achieving your equine dream. Please call or text on 07930605544 to find how I can help you and your horse. Or you can go to the Get in Touch page.

I am a multi-published horsemanship practitioner who has a proven track record of success. My approach has been showcased in Horsemanship Magazine, Horse Magazine and Western UK Magazine.  Below are links for more information on the areas I specialise in.

  • Live Your Dream. We all own horses for very personal reasons. My horsemanship is about you and your horse living your dream, having fun and unlocking potential. From an equine pet to a competition horse I will put together a bespoke programme for you to achieve your equine dream.  
  • Confidence Building. Be it you and or your horse lacking in confidence I am very experinced in helping horses and humans to banish lack of confidence issues. It is never to late to build confidence.
  • Clicker Training. If you are curious about using positive reinforcement in your horsemanship please check out my services.
  • Motivation. If you and or your horse are lacking motivation, are stuck in a rut, de-motivated, fed up or need an inspirational spark to ignite your passion this is an area I am passionate about.  
  • Problem Solver. I offer an equine behavioural consultancy service. No matter what the behavioural problem is I can help. No problem or question is ridiculous.     
  • Relaxation. Horse ownership should be about relaxing and enjoying shared activities. I can share with you relaxation techniques that are used by the herd. These techniques greatly help tense, nervous and spooky horses to chill and relax. Relaxed horses are safer horses. Chilled horses can think rather than react. Relaxation enables faster learning.
  • Groundwork and Play. Maybe you are curious about natural horsemanship ground games and how to play with your horse. Or fancy a go at horse agility. Playing with your horse is a wonderful way to have fun enjoyable times together. Having groundwork exercises that compliment and enhance ridden work is a fantastic tool to incorporate into your horse's training. I can show you exercises that increase flexibily, core strength and regulate stride length. It is great for bonding, building trust and confidence in any age of horse, be they a golden oldie or a youngster. It stimulates mind and body. Ground work and play is far more than lunging and long reining. However these are great skills to learn and master and I am more than happy to teach you how to lunge and long rein and much much more. 
  • In the Saddle. If you are looking to ride using the softest suggestion then my approach is for you. Maybe you have problems you want solved. Or want to connect better with your horse. I am passionate about refinement of technique and a correct way for horse and rider to work in harmony.  
  • Bitless. I am not anti bit. Bitless is a fantastic way to train your horse. If you are curious about giving it a go I can come out and let you and your horse try a number of different bitless bridles. Maybe you already ride bitless, if so I am a specialist in this area so more than happy to provide you with insights and techniques to refine your riding. If you are curious as to how schooling bitless can compliment riding with a bit then check out what I can offer.

My horsemanship is a clear, positive training approach for horses and humans with the relationship at the heart.