• Are you looking to use a training approach that is ethical, compassionate and above all effective?
  • Did you know that clicker training / positive reinforcement can be used in all activities with your horse? Handling, non ridden activities and riding? 
  • Would you like to improve your communication with your horse? 
  • Do you want to create a highly rewarding training atmosphere, which encourages horses to engage and try new things?
  • Do you want to help your horse to grow in confidence, be less anxious, and be able to overcome fear?
  • If offered a method that allows your horse to feel naturally confident, would you say yes?
  • Are you looking for an approach that is fun for you and your horse? If yes, when using positive reinforcement you will both be positively reinforced. Your horse gets clicks and rewards and you will have a happy willing partner. Win, win.  
  • Are you keen to help your horse develop good manners?
  • Would you like to play with your horse? Positive reinforcement encourages horses to think, problem solve and to be creative.
  • Does your horse get easily distracted and would you like your horse to concentrate?
  • Would you like an accurate way to let your horse know it has done the right thing?
  • How would you like to tap into a method that helps your horse learn quickly? Clicker training accelerates learning.  
  • Are you curious about how to get an incredible bond between human and horse?
  • Do you want a partnership with your horse based on saying yes?
  • Would you like to build self-motivation with activities that are fun? With clicker training, your horse will want to engage in activities with you. 
  • Are you curious on how to unlock potential and be successful?
  • Would you like your horse to have clear a structure to training that is easy to follow? 
  • If you could have a horse that is polite, mindful and aware of you, would you say yes? Using rewards is great for teaching your horse boundaries and etiquette. 
  • Yes to any of the above then read on……


There are many different types of positive reinforcements you can use in horsemanship. Clicker training is one and it is a great place to start. I can teach you how to embed clicker training into non ridden activities and into permissive riding. I will show you lots of positive reinforcement techniques, some don't use a food reward. It is essential that you understand how positive reinforcement is the ignition to self motivation in horsemanship, as this is the key to success. I provide all the information you need to get started in an interactive theory session. Plus I provide one to one practical sessions. Here is what the three hour theory workshop covers:-

  • What is Clicker / Positive Reinforcement Training?
  • How to Get Started With Clicker / Positive Reinforcement Training.
  • How to Teach Your Horse to Target Touch, and Why This is Useful.
  • Dispelling Myths – EG: Food Reward = Bad Behaviour?
  • What Other Rewards can also be used as Positive Reinforcement?
  • What is Negative Reinforcement?
  • Negative and Positive Reinforcement are Extrinsic Motivational Tools with limitations. How Positive Reinforcement is the gateway to ignition of Intrinsic Motivation. 
  • Why is Self-Motivation so Important in Horsemanship?   
  • Sensitization and Habituation.
  • Learning Styles.
  • Top Tips for Dealing with Set Backs and to Staying Motivated

The How to Get Started with Clicker Training / Positive Reinforcement Theory Workshop (3 hours) I offer in the following formats: 

  • One to one. On the basis you travel to me in Coventry. Price £80.00. Availability: Weekdays daytime only.    
  • Semi Private. (2 or 3 people). Perfect for you plus one or two of your friends. £55.00 per person on the basis of people travel to me in Coventry. Availability: Weekdays daytime and evenings or a Saturday morning. 
  • Group. (4 or more people). Great for groups of friends, clubs or yards. £45.00 per person on the basis of people travel to me in Coventry. I am happy to travel to run group sessions with travel expenses paid. Availability: Weekdays daytime and evenings or a Saturday morning. I also run group workshop sessions you can book onto. To check out workshops I have available please visit the Events section. 

All attendees on the workshop will take home a detailed resource pack and a treat bag to clip to your belt or saddle for holding a good supply of treats.

I travel out to people and their horses to provide practical hands on tutoring sessions to follow up the theroy workshop. I also teach people who are already using positive reinforcement. For tutoring services I cover the Coventry, Warwickshire and surrounding areas.

  • Private one to one tution is charged £40.00 per person plus travel. If more than one person at the same venue wants private sessions on the same visit one after the other I charge £35.00 per person plus travel. The travel fee can be split between the people wanting sessions. 
  • Semi Private tution (2 or 3 people and their horses sharing a session) is charged at £25.00 per person plus travel. 
  • Group tution (4 or more people sharing the same session, maximum 6 people) is charged at £20.00 per person plus travel.  
  • Please note I charge 50p per mile travel.  
  • Please note a practical session with your own horse is about an hour. I do not clock watch so if we run over the hour there is no extra charge. 
  • Sessions are available Monday to Friday in the day time and some week day evenings and limited availability on Saturday mornings.   

For outside of the geographical area I cover I am happy to quote a price for groups, clinics and workshops.  

If you are unable to travel to Coventry for a workshop I am able to offer an interactive workbook - How to Get Started with Clicker Training Workbook which covers all of the content in the workshop. It is to be used alongside support from a clicker trainer / positive reinforcement practitioner of your own choice. The workbook is in an elctronic format that can be e-mailed to you to download and enjoy. I charge £7.99. Click here for more information.   

Why work with me?

My approach has been showcased in many national magazines with numerous articles. You will be working with a leading industry expert; a professional who has a proven track record of working with horses and people to help them live their personal equine dream.  You will gain the skills, knowledge and expertise in an approach that is ethical, compassionate and puts the horse's emotional, physical and spiritual needs at the centre. If you want to know more you can use the online form on the Get in Touch page, or you can text or call on 07930605544.