• Do you or your horse lack confidence? 
  • Are you or your horse fearful? 
  • Have you or your had a bad experience that has knocked your confidence?
  • Are you or your horse anxious? Do you want to banish anxiety?  
  • Maybe you dread riding or handling your horse? 
  • Are you afraid, doubtful or uncertain about how to tackle a problem? 
  • Does your mind stop you enjoying time with your horse with what if thoughts? 
  • Do you get butterflies, your stomach churns, feel sweaty and sick? 
  • Are you struggling to do things you once found easy? 
  • Have you had an event outside of horses that has impacted on you physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, leaving you struggling?  
  • Do you feel people don’t understand how you feel?  

If yes…I can help.  Confidence building for horse and human is an area I specialise in. I have a proven track record of success.

So why work with me? I am a leading expert in confidence building and horsemanship with many articles published in national magazines on the topic. I have helped many people and horses overcome confidence issues. You may not know what the root cause is. Or where to start to address things. Sometimes people don't know if it is the horse that has confidence issues or themselves. That is fine, I come out and assess each situation with an open mind and heart.   

I walk the walk as I have used and daily use the techniques I will teach you. I know first hand how to overcome confidence issues. For me personally my loss of confidence had nothing to do with my ability re my horsemanship or relationship with my horses. Often issues we are dealing with have nothing to do with our ability as a handler or rider. If this is the case for you I can give you the tools to regain your confidence. I am skilled in cognitive behavioural techniques that I can call upon to help you control your feelings and re-shape your thinking. I am also experienced in using compassionate mind techniques. I have tools I will share with you so you can overcome fear and banish anxiety.

Horses have a great way of reflecting back to us the issues we need to work on from within. Often our horse is the only one who can teach us the life lessons we need to learn. I can work with you and your horse to faciliate what your horse is trying to teach you. I will work with you every step of the way in building your confidence always with the aim for you to become independent. 

If you are suffering a lack of confidence due to a lack of knowledge, skills and expertise I can teach you how to be a confident partner to your horse. If your horse lacks confidence I can teach you and your horse how to become a very confident partnership. As a horsemanship practitioner I can help you to better understand your horse. Enable you to connect in a close bonded relationship. One in which your horse looks to you as its calm confident partner. We all want a horse that looks to us in times of stress to provide them with safety and guidance rather than react. We all want to feel safe round our horses, knowing what to do and how to do it. You will learn how best to help your horse and be the partner your horse is looking for.

It is never too late to build confidence. Life is far too short to be limited by lack of confidence. Learning to build confidence can change your life, let it. You can take control of your confidence issues and live your equine dream.

As a Reiki healer I can also help you and your horse with any deep rooted emotional and spiritual issues.

The Benefits of Working With Me: 

  • A confident happy horse and owner partnership.
  • A close bond with your horse.
  • The horsemanship techniques you learn will enable you to step up and confidently deal with situations.
  • Tap into enjoyment of horsemanship, inject fun and develop your skills.
  • Confidently tackle your problems and go way beyond them. 
  • Challenge negative thinking replacing them with positive inner dialogue. Challenge common thinking distortions. It helps you regain perspective and control. Our thoughts shape our actions.  
  • Help you understand the natural responses in relation to stress, anxiety and fear in yourself and your horse and how to banish them. 
  • You will solve what you think are overwhelming problems using techniques you can apply in a range of situations.
  • You will be able to consider more useful ways of dealing with difficulties. View them as opportunities in works clothing or gifts in crappy paper.
  • Plan for success, with realistic aims that are in line with your values. Become more purposeful. 
  • Be aware of your and your horse's strengths, skills and talents and build upon them. 
  • Skills learnt you can apply in a number of settings not just with can change your life. You will build self-confidence and self-esteem. 

How I Can Help You and Your Horse

  • Private Practical One to One Sessions With You and Your Horse. I will travel out to you and your horse. Only £40.00 plus travel. 
  • Private One to One Sessions Just For You - Confidence Building and Banishing Anxiety Sessions. To compliment practical sessions I offer private one to one sessions (non horse) in the privacy of my home in Coventry. This is to help you deal with deep rooted issues, such as anxiety, fear, the what if, negative inner dialogue, etc.....which all fuel the lack of confidence. I will work with so you understand the nature of the problem and how to take steps to be in control. I use a blend of cognitive behavioural techniques, compassionate mind tools,  the language of the herd and healing to banish anxiety and to build confidence. It is never too late to banish anxiety or confidently live your dream. I charge £30.00 per session.
  • Please note I charge 50p per mile travel.  
  • Please note a practical session with your own horse is about an hour. I do not clock watch so if we run over the hour there is no extra charge. 
  • Sessions are available Monday to Friday in the day time and some week day evenings and limited availability on Saturday mornings.   
  • For outside of the geographical area I cover I am happy to quote a price for groups, clinics and workshops.  

I Provide Theory Workshops to Compliment Confidence Building: Banish Anxiety in Horsemanship and Beyond. Motivation. Relaxation. Set Yourself Up for Sucess. Bonding - Soul to Soul. (Approx 3 to 4 hours) I offer these in the following formats: 

  • One to one. On the basis you travel to me in Coventry. Price £80.00. Availability: Weekdays daytime only.    
    Semi Private. (2 or 3 people). Perfect for you plus one or two of your friends. £55.00 per person on the basis of people travel to me in Coventry. Availability: Weekdays daytime and evenings or a Saturday morning. 
    Group. (4 or more people). Great for groups of friends, clubs or yards. £45.00 per person on the basis of people travel to me in Coventry. I am happy to travel to run group sessions with travel expenses paid. Availability: Weekdays daytime and evenings or a Saturday morning. 

I Provide An Intensive Confidence Building Theroy Workshop (Approx 6 to 7 hours). I offer these in the following formats: 

  • One to one. On the basis you travel to me in Coventry. Price £130.00. Availability: Weekdays daytime only.    
    Semi Private. (2 or 3 people). Perfect for you plus one or two of your friends. £65.00 per person on the basis of people travel to me in Coventry. Availability: Weekdays daytime and evenings or a Saturday morning. 
    Group. (4 or more people). Great for groups of friends, clubs or yards. £50.00 per person on the basis of people travel to me in Coventry. I am happy to travel to run group sessions with travel expenses paid. Availability: Weekdays daytime or a Saturdays. 

Don't be put off getting in touch. I am very approachable, friendly, caring and compassionate. No problem is ridiculous. Whatever is stopping you from enjoying your horse....I can help. Start today and Get in Touch via the website, or text or call on 07930605544.   

Here is what a few of my clients have to say: 

"Having had a few falls from my previous horse and nearly a year out of the saddle my confidence (ridden) had taken a dive. I contacted Vicki as her training and principles resonated with me. She has not only given me tools to improve my riding and rebuild my confidence in the saddle with my new horse Maverick but we're also learning various groundwork techniques. These will certainly come in handy when we enter our first Trec competition this year! Above all we're having lots of fun-isn't that what having horses is about?" Kerry Law and Maverick   

“The support I have received is first class. Vicki’s understanding of horses and their owners is a rare gift. She goes beyond what a riding instructor can teach without scaring or overworking her pupils.”  Pat Regan 

"I started having lessons at a time when my confidence was at an all-time low. Her approach to horsemanship helped me regain that confidence through being able to feel, understand and then manage my horse's energy so we could become a safe and happy partnership." Wendy Wainwright

“Vicki is a fantastic coach. Ideal for nervous riders and those wanting to put the relationship first with their horse. Without Vicki I would not have got the confidence to ride. So a big thank you.” Deborah Evans 

"I cannot thank Vicki enough for helping me regain confidence following a nasty fall. Her methods are gentle but so effective. I love that she has so much respect for both horse and rider. I am able to hack out alone with confidence which at one time I thought I would never do again." Fiona Mackay 

"After owning and riding  horses for 40 years and one horse related accident to many,  I developed an irrational fear of mounting and riding. Vicki helped me through this phase in a calm, non-judgemental way. Thank you Vicki you are a true professional and a gifted teacher." Karen Crutchlow and Topaz.

"Vicki has improved my confidence no end and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone. Even if you can’t afford regular lessons it is worth making a start with Vicki. She looks at the whole picture, not just your riding, and the things she teaches stay with you - you even get homework!" Paula King.

"I met Vicki Jayne Maris 17 years ago when she was a young and very competent instructor at a riding school. I was nearing retirement age, and I arrived at the riding school as a hopeful first time rider, very nervous and apprehensive. Vicki Jayne took me in hand and soon opened up a new world for me. She found me the right horse and she worked with me at my pace. She helped me face up to my fears and address them and I progressed through the various stages to being able to hack out on roads and through bridle paths and fields. Whenever I encounter a problem, as we all do when we are out, appropriate words from Vicki Jayne come back into my mind and I am able to get myself and my horse back under control. Vicki Jayne is an inspirational teacher who understands horses and people. She works with skill and compassion for both, encouraging riders to work with their horses gently but firmly. She instructs clearly, succinctly, and stays along side, encouraging and explaining in easily understandable words – she doesn’t get “technical” until the rider fully comprehends the “language”. This was very helpful to me. Vicki Jayne has recently given me a course in Natural Horsemanship which is brilliant. This is a field which Vicki Jayne, as a freelance instructor, is very experienced and has achieved amazing results. I cannot speak too highly about Vicki Jayne and her teaching methods. She is an outstanding, very experienced and professional teacher – and she has a great sense of humour which is a tremendous help when life gets tricky." Betty Simpson

"As a new rider Vicki Jayne has really helped me to gain in confidence and really have fun with Harvey. She never pushes you to do things you don’t want to but gives you courage to try things.  After our lessons I come away thinking wow! Harvey has been struggling to work in an outline and have good head carriage but with lots of support from Vicki Jayne he is beginning to work it out! He is learning that it is more fun to have more go than whoa. Thanks a million Vicki Jayne." Louise Hunt

“Your teaching has transformed our riding and our relationship with Blossom and Hugo.” Alex Lockey

"Just a few lines to say how much I enjoyed the workshop yesterday. Your insights were a real eye opener and I've taken on board the things that you said which has provided much focus and clarity. Emerald and I went out for a hack this morning; we had to go alone as had no one to accompany us but we had a lovely time and ended up in the lorry park on the farm for an impromptu bit of training! I hopped off and took a photo to send to you to show where positive intention can get you in 24hrs!! We've still got a way to go as these lorries were parked up so they were quiet and still but it is a first getting so close to something so big. She is stood there all by herself.... Waiting for a treat” Natalie Harvey