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Lucky Clover Creations.

The beautiful real rare four and five leaf clovers I find while out in the Warwickshire countryside I turn into beautiful unique works of art.  

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Four and five leaf clover are a very rare variation of the three-leaf clover. If you have ever tried to find a four or five leaf clover you will know they are not easy to find and rare. It is estimated there are about 10,000 three-leaf clovers for every one four-leaf clover and five leaf clover even rarer. Each leaf on a four or five leaf clover is assigned an attribute. Leaf one: Hope. Leaf two: Faith. Leaf three: Love. Leaf four: Luck. Leaf five: Money.

The legends and stories regarding four and five leaf clovers have been passed down in cultures for generations. Some say Eve carried a four leaf clover out of the Garden of Eden. Others say four-leaf clovers are Celtic charms that bring a magical protection and ward off bad luck.  Some people say a four leaf clover brings good luck. Whatever you believe as four and five leaf clovers are rare it is considered luck to find them.

These Meraki Lucky Boxes and Meraki Lucky Hearts are made to be enjoyed and treasured as a work of art and as a unique creation. To bring joy and beauty into your home. In the boxes you may decide to keep your treasures in, such as jewellery or keepsakes.