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Here you will find beautiful had crafted talking sticks / speakers staffs and wands made with semi precious crystals, carefully selected driftwood, naturally moulted feathers and charms. Each is a unique creation. Each has been energy cleansed and reiki blessed. 

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A Talking Stick has many benefits. It teaches us to listen to understand. To provide space for people to talk. It can help us to speak from our heart and express our feelings. It is useful so each person has their turn to talk, share their ideas and opinions without interruptions. It has is origins in many Native American tribes and cultures. It has a place as a very useful tool in this modern world where it is often difficult to be heard and understood.  

A Wand can be used in assisting healing practices. They are used to direct and strengthen energy. Some people like to use them during relaxation and meditative sessions. Others use wands for spells.