Permissive Riding


Riding is totally a human agenda. No untouched / untrained horse will happily allow a human to climb on for a ride. Training is what enables riding to happen. There is good, bad and ugly out there. Very little is discussed about permissive riding. Or recognition of the difference between permissive riding and what is not permissive.     

Permissive riding is force free, ethical, compassionate, rewarding, fun, and above all places the horse's welfare emotionally, physically and spiritually at the centre.  So if you want to listen to truly understand your horse and embrace riding as an activity you both fully enjoy the time is right to discover permissive riding.  

How often is it considered that the horse should have an opinion regarding riding? That the horse should be allowed choices? Or that we should seek consent and agreement from our horse before and during riding? We have thousands of years of tradition and culture that shape our interactions with horses in which horses historically are mostly seen to serve the human and obey. Traditions and culture and how we work with horses is now being questioned. There is a growing interest in ethical, humane and kind methods. However have you ever stopped and thought about if the horse has given permission to be ridden? Do you know what to look for in permissive riding? How many horses are given freedom to express their thoughts, opinions, feelings and natural behaviour?

It is no surprise people struggle to understand their horse. As most start out learning to ride and are taught the mechanics of riding and very little about understanding the sentient creature they are riding. Once they progress into horse ownership their learning curve goes vertical. As riding on a school horse is miles away from owning a horse. This is when the lack of knowledge and skills in truly understanding your horse can cause problems. Problems that if people invest in a two way partnership resolve. Sadly many choose the restrictive control path and a human led agenda. Not thinking of how the horse may feel or think about the situation it finds itself in. This is often an approach using negative reinforcement, little tolerance and use of equipment to enforce the horse to submit.

Resistance often surfaces along with a list of problems for the horse and rider. Loss of confidence, shattered dreams, and in worst cases injuries. How many people listened to understand why the horse was saying no to being ridden? How many would see what has happened as failure? Or that the horse was naughty or got one over on them? Or would they see this as a golden opportunity in works clothing to improve and work on the relationship with their horse? How many people really understand what permissive riding is and sign up to this as how they want to ride? Many see riding as the main reason for horse ownership. Yet the question about how the horse may feel about riding is rarely asked. Let alone has the horse given permission to be ridden?

The relationship between horse and human really matters. What I offer is about building a relationship between you and your horse, so you truly understand each other. This is the foundation to a strong accord between the two individuals allows for a mutual agreement over activities. With a harmonious accord there will be no conflict. You can learn to listen to understand your horse, so your relationship is open honest dialogue. Everything I will teach you will be based upon positive reinforcement. Sessions will be structured for the learners by what they want to achieve and focused on them as individuals with teaching and support in their preferred learning styles. With fun and joy in learning, it opens up the powerful inner force of self-motivation.

I passionately believe we should not ride unless the horse has given permission, is happy, comfortable and enjoys the activity. I am only interested in working with people who share my passion that riding must be ethical, permissive and fun for the horse. Many approach me when things are at the other end of the scale. I get plenty of last resort calls. It is very possible to turn round dire situations. It takes commitment, an open mind and above all regular sessions to keep you on track. You must be prepared to put riding on hold while you learn about connecting with your horse. Then I can teach you how to engage in permissive riding. 

I will happily share with you my wealth of knowledge, skills and expertise. If you are looking for a close bond, partnership and connection with your horse then I am the person for you. However if you are looking for a quick fix they don’t exist in ethical horsemanship.

There are a growing number of people who are seeking a better way and seeking a close bond and partnership with their horse. These people are open to seeing the world through the eyes of their horse. If you are one of those people and truly are passionate that your horse should give you permission to ride I will happily help you and your horse to truly embrace permissive riding.  

Traditional riding lessons are miles away from what I do. So it that is what you are looking for I am not for you. 

If you want to find out more about permissive riding please Get in Touch using the webpage online form, or you can text or call on 07930605544.