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The Competition to Win a Set of Meraki Rhythm Beads has now Closed.

The Lucky Winner is - Margaret Lord.

Margaret has been contated via e-mail so she can claim her prize.  

What are Meraki Rhythm Beads? They are way more than a horse necklace that looks beautiful. Meraki Rhythm Beads are hand made by myself, Vicki Jayne Yates. I am a Reiki practitioner and artist and all my work is done with Meraki. Meraki means my work is done spiritually with love, passion and soul. My Meraki Rhythm Beads are made with love and semi-precious crystals and Reiki blessed. They have a natural healing, a beautiful energy with the benefits the crystals bring. I also make Meraki Reiki Blessed Jewellery.  Here I will share with you some information to help you understand the benefits of using rhythm beads. And how to measure your horse for a set.   

Rhythm beads are designed to fit around the neck on the horse ideally on the groove down the front of shoulder where the neck meets the shoulders and chest. To measure your horse, either use a tape measure or a bit of string. Using a bit of string is best as it enables you to see where the rhythm beads will sit on your horse. Then you can measure the string. Some people like the beads to sit a bit higher other people like them to sit a bit lower. 

The rhythm beads I make are designed to softly jingle as the horse moves. This soft jingle can help horses to relax, and in turn focus. So helpful for nervous horses and people.

Just like a metronome marks out rhythm for a dancer or musician so they can achieve harmony a set of rhythm beads mark out rhythm so helping horse and human to become more synchronized.

The rhythm beads give feedback to both horse and human on increase and decrease of rhythm so greatly help in schooling.

My rhythm beads are made with semi-precious crystals which are Reiki blessed. They have natural healing, a beautiful energy with the benefits the crystals bring. I have been asked to make Meraki Reiki Blessed Jewellery for humans. You can even have jewellery made to match the rhythm beads for your horse.  Click here to go to the FREE to enter competition to win a Meraki Necklace. 

The rhythm beads help give a gentle warning to wildlife of your approach when you are out and about. The wildlife will leave, so less to spook your horse.

You can use them for riding and groundwork. Each set has a clip with you clip onto some mane so they cannot slip down the horse’s neck.

They are very decorative and a great way to add some bling with benefits.

Click here to view sets of Meraki Rhythm Beads that are available for sale. They make a wonderful Christmas gift for your horse or a special gift for someone you love. 

The Competition Has Now Closed

Competition Rules

  • One entry per person.
  • Open to worldwide entries.
  • The prize is for a set of Meraki Rhythm Beads. There is no cash alternative prize. 
  • The winner will be contacted via e-mail and their name published on the website. 
  • Competition closes 12 noon 10th January 2020. 
  • Your details will be kept secure and not be shared with a third party. 
  • All entrants will receive a 20% discount gift voucher which they can use against purchasing a Meraki Necklace, or Rhythm Beads or against commissioning a Portrait.  The voucher will be issued after the competition has closed. It will be valid until Friday 28th February 2020.     
  • Good luck.