animal communication

  • Are you curious about what your animal wants you to know? 
  • Do you have unanswered questions you want to ask? 
  • Are you on a profound personal journey with your pet? 
  • Would you like to better understand your animal? 
  • Do you want to learn how to connect with your pet? 
  • Would you like to learn how animals communicate?  
  • Are there problems, issues or blocks in your relationship? 
  • Maybe you are concerned or worried about your pet?
  • Are you seeking a heart to heart and soul to soul connection? 
  • Or do you want to figure out what’s going for your pet?

 If the answers to any of the above are yes I can help. 

I have many years experience as a skilled Reiki healer and animal communication specialist. What I can offer is a unique blend of these skills to help you connect and better understand your animal. Reiki is non invasive. Reiki enables me to read auras and feel energy imbalances. And clear energy blocks. This supports my ability to "hear" your pet's communication. Healing can be offered if required during a communication session.  The connection between animals and their guardians are profound and often very personal. My approach is for minds, bodies and souls. Heart to heart and soul to soul connections are real. 

How I can help

  • I offer one to one private sessions for people with their pets in the Coventry and Warwickshire area. I travel to you and your animal. 
  • If you live outside my area I offer readings remotely. The reading is done from photographs you send to me. This will never be as detailed as an in person visit. As photographs only give a snapshot in time, not the whole story. (Hence the price difference).  
  • I can offer workshops for small groups of people interested in learning more about animal communication. 


  • One to One Private Sessions - £50 per session plus travel. Payable after the session on the day.  
  • Remote Readings - £10.00. I ask that people send me the photos before payment so I am able to decide if I can give a quality reading. I can then go ahead and accept payment.  For remote readings if there are questions you want answered let me know. I take time to study the photographs and type up what I pick up. I then send this via e-mail to you. 
  • Workshops. If you would like a workshop for you and a small group of friends please Get in Touch. As price is dependant on numbers attending and location.  


Get In Touch
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Animals communicate out to us all the time. You can learn how to tap into this communication.