Positive Reinforcement download.

Here I share with you for FREE a detailed download - Introduction to Positive Reinforcement including Ignition of Motivation to Self-Motivation.

This is MY FREE GIFT to YOU with LOVE.  YES FREE. No catches, no selling.



  • Beacuse it compliments beautifully what I do offer with my Equine Offerings to the World. Click here for more information on this.  
  • I am passionate that people should have access to a kinder and more ethical way to interact with their equines. This is a kind and ethical approach. 
  • For years I have helped hundreds of people and their equines resolve a wide range of problems. Sometimes I was a last resort call. So I want to share with you how you can start to solve problems you and or your horse maybe experiencing. 
  • I am a Reiki healer so I gift this knowledge as it may help you and your horse heal in some way. 
  • This approach I have used with my own personal horses. Including my current horse Kez.  
  • All horses love this approach. 
  • It is written so you can use it alongside professional help of your own choosing. 
  • Or if you wish to work with me I do take on a very limited number of people and their equines for private one to one sessions. I am also able to run clinics and workshops for small groups. 
  • So you can decide if this approach feels right for you and your horse.  


There is more FREE on my website. My approach with positive reinforcement as the ignition to self-motivation was showcased in a series of articles published in Horsemanship Magazine. You can read these articles and lots of other published articles for FREE in the FREE Horsemanship Resources section.  Plus lots of Non Ridden Equine resources in Kez's Club