My husband Steve and I purchased Kez in November 2015 to share as a riding horse. Sadly this was not to be. We discovered Kez found riding difficult, so Kathryn Welland from Oaklands Physiotherapy came to check Kez over. It was clear something wasn’t right so our local vet Lauren from 608 Vets came out. Lots of tests and head scratching and no answers it was decided to send Kez to Newmarket Equine Hospital. There he spent a week with the specialist and all the latest technology. It was confirmed Kez has conditions that mean riding is not for him. Kez came home. And our story non ridden story began.  We are not anti riding. However non ridden equines and people who choose not to ride face challenges and pressures. And Kez certainly showed Steve and I we needed to step up and do more.      

A Bit of Background History. Kez is an Irish cob. We know little about his past. Just that he came into England in 2015 to a local dealer. That is where we found Kez. There was something about him that pulled so much. I cannot tell you what, but there he was, and I only had eyes for him. They say horses come into our lives for a reason….so I never question that anymore. My previous horses have all taught me profound life changing life lessons.  Those lessons I have shared within the horsemanship I used to teach and the articles I had published.  I am now retired from teaching, however all my written resources I gift for people to use with a practitioner of their own choice. You will find them in the Horsemanship Resources section. All free so enjoy. 

Kez has his own Facebook page. On his Facebook page we share his stories, poems and adventures. We also promote the diversity of non ridden activities on his Facebook page with links for people to click on to explore the topic in more details.  However a post on Facebook quickly gets down the news feed and is lost. So we have created a section on my website for Kez. So we can create a personal collection of our stories, poems, adventures and photographs. So none is lost. 

The Non Ridden Equine Facebook Group

Kez is the reason Steve and I started the original Non Ridden Equine Facebook group. Little did we know when we started the group thousands would join. We have made friends with people from all over the world.