Vicki jayne yates ba hONS

Welcome to my website.

I am an Artist, Equine Practitioner, Equine and Human Reiki Healer, Equine Communicator, founder of the original Non Ridden Equine Facebook group and non ridden equine agenda that has gone global. With many years’ experience in the equine industry, my horsemanship approach has been showcased many times in articles in magazines. My passion is for equines and the many lessons we can learn side by side. My ethos is for permissive, positive and ethical interaction at the heart of everything.

All my work is done with Meraki which means with spiritually, with love and passion. There is a blurred line between the spiritual creative process and the healing and joy the creations bring for the person I create them for. As a reiki practitioner who works with humans and horses there is a fusion of reiki into horsemanship. The people and equines I offer my services to are often seeking a connection, better communication, a spiritual connection or are on a profound personal journey.