Some tips for introducing rhythm beads to your horse.

  • Let your horse hear the jingle of the bells from a distance. Observe how your horse feels and reacts. Only move to the next step when your horse has got used to hearing the bells from a distance.
  • While leading your horse you carry the rhythm beads and gently jingle them while you walk together. Observe your horse. If your horse is happy and relaxed, you can move to the next stage.
  • Let your horse check out the rhythm beads. Do not let the horse put them in its mouth or chew them. If swallowed the beads can cause harm.
  • Then rub the rhythm beads on your horse’s neck and shoulder. If your horse is relaxed, you are good to go to popping them over your horse’s head and a slide down his neck. Adjust the length to fit your horse. Clip the clip to some of your horse’s mane.

Safety is important.

  • Rhythm beads should only ever be used under supervision.
  • Never leave your horse unattended wearing rhythm beads.
  • Never allow your horse to put the rhythm beads in its mouth or chew the beads. If swallowed beads can cause serious harm. 
  • The rhythm beads are designed to break should your horse get caught in something. As horses panic if they feel trapped, so for them to break allows your horse freedom in a situation of being entangled.   

How to care for your rhythm beads.

  • Store in the dry when not in use.
  • If your beads get wet while in use, please dry them before storing them.
  • To clean use a mild soap to wash the beads. Rinse under warm running water. Dry them carefully before storing.
  • To recharge the crystals, clean as above then hang out the rhythm beads in the sun or moonlight. Let your intuition guide you as to how often this needs to be done.