Aura Readings and Reiki Healing.

I am a Qualified and Experienced Reiki Healer. All life has a life-force energy. This life-force has an energy field, an aura. When souls experience challenges be it physical, emotional or spiritual it will resonate in the aura.

People come to me for help be it physical, emotional or spiritual or a tangle they are struggling to resolve. Be it for themselves or their animals.

Reading their aura I will pick up information of past, the here and now challenges, energy imbalances, energy leaks, energy connections, sometimes colours and more. Often just the aura reading is all that someone wants to confirm life’s path. For others it is the starting point of a healing journey or part of their healing journey.   

2 legs or 4 I offer aura readings and if required Reiki Healing.  

An Aura Reading. 

  • I will explain fully what I do before I start. Giving you plenty of opportunity to ask questions. So you can make an informed decision if an aura reading feels right for you and or your animal. 
  • If you want me to give an aura reading I will ask permission to go ahead.  
  • Mostly an aura reading is non touch. I scan with what I see and feel in your aura. If I do need to pick up more information via touch I will always ask permission before touching. 
  • As I go through the aura reading I will tell you want I find.  
  • After the aura reading I will discuss with you the findings. There is never any pressure to make a decision on if you would like healing to follow. That will be your informed choice. 
  • You are completely in control of the aura reading. 

Reiki Healing

  • If you decide you would like Reiki healing after your aura reading I will discuss with you this before giving you Reiki. 
  • I will provide you with information on what Reiki is and how it works.
  • I will provide opportunity for you to ask questions.  
  • The aura readings and Reiki sessions are always private and confidential.  
  • They are non judgemental, compassionate and above all respect body, mind and soul.  
  • I give Reiki with love. 


  • Private one to one aura reading for you £25.00 if you travel to me. I live in Coventry CV4 area. If you decide to have some Reiki after your aura reading it is charged at an additional £10.00. 
  • Private one to one reading for you or your animal at your home or the home where your animal lives £35.00 for an aura reading. If you decide to have some Reiki after your aura reading it is charged at an additional £10.00. Plus travel costs. (I cover Coventry and Warwickshire)   
  • Follow up or regular Reiki treatment appointments can be booked.  


If you would like to discuss how I can help you please Get in Touch.  

Aura Readings and Reiki Healing can be included in an Animal Communication session. 

I offer animal communication services. If you are interested in this please click here for more information.