I have a unique blend of skills I can offer you. I am a very experienced and highly respected horsemanship practitioner, equine communicator and Reiki healer with over 40 years experience of working with horses.

I am a qualified educator who has the practical depth of experience that enables me to provide sessions that are bespoke and structured to you and your horse's needs. Sessions are enjoyable, rewarding and most of all fun. 

I am kind, compassionate, reliable and ethical in my approach. 

Horses communicate all the time and want us to understand this communication and use it in our interactions with them. I work with people and their horses to help them better understand their horse. I teach people how equines communicate, so they can really connect with their horse in meaningful open two way dialogue. 

If there are issues, problems, or blocks I will work with you in addressing these in a kind and ethical way.  

With me you get the unique blend of 3 skills. Equine Communicator, Horsemanship Practitioner and Reiki Healer. 

Equine communication

  • Are you curious about what your horse wants you to know? 
  • Do you have unanswered questions you want to ask your horse? 
  • Are you on a profound personal journey with your horse? 
  • Would you like to better understand your horse? 
  • Do you want to learn how to connect and communicate with your horse? 
  • Would you like to learn how horses communicate?  
  • Are there issues or blocks in your relationship? 
  • Maybe you are concerned or worried about your horse?
  • Are you seeking a heart to heart and soul to soul connection? 
  • Or do you want to figure out what’s going for your horse?


If the answers to any of the above are yes I can help.

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heart to heart and soul to soul.

There is a blurred line between equine communication, horsemanship and healing. Deep meaningful healing with our horses is very personal and private. The clients I work with, it is in the strictest of confidence. It is a heart to heart and soul to soul experience.

Horses are like divine mirrors and will reflect back to us what inner work must be done. I have years of experience as an equine communicator and professional horsemanship practitioner and time and time again I saw how the horse was reflecting to their human the healing journey the pair should be taking.

The harmony and partnership they seek is often bound deep in healing of minds, bodies and souls. I work with people in a very gentle yet profound way to guide them on a healing journey with their horse.

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Ethical Kind horsemanship.

I am passionate about ethical kind horsemanship. My work and approach has been showcased many times in various magazines. I work with a very limited number of people and their horses on a private one to one basis. Click here for more information. 

  • Click here to visit the bank of Non Ridden Equine Resources in Kez's Club. Suitable for all equines be they ridden or non ridden. 
  • Click here to visit a bank of Horsemanship Resources including published articles, blogs and much more.  

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EQUINE and Animal Portrait ARTIST

I do commission portraits as well as sell works of art. Click here to visit my gallery to view examples of my work and my price list.  Click here to view my art that is for sale.


Unique semi-precious crystal creations, made with love and Reiki Blessed.  Click here for information about rhythm beads and their benefits. Click here to view the rhythm beads that are for sale. Click here to view the browbands that are for sale. 

horse hair wall hangings

Each tail hair wall hanging is unique.  They are created with Meraki, made with love, passion and soul. While I create them I am drawn to what see and I feel when I look at and touch the hair. The first ones I made I made for my own horses that had passed into spirit and they hang in my home. Friends have seen them and asked me to create wall hangings for them. And so it has developed. Now I make these wall hangings on request. If you would like a wall hanging made from your horse's tail hair please get in touch

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The non ridden equine group

Our horse Kez is the reason my husband Steve set up the original Non Ridden Equine Group. It is now a global group with over 30,000 plus members and continues to grow. My ethos in setting up this group and my non ridden work in has attracted much interest with aticles published in magazines in the UK, USA and Canada. Click here to visit the Non Ridden Equine Group. 

Kez also has his own Facebook page and following.  Click here to read about Kez's Story. Click here to visit his Facebook page.