Introduction to bitless.

I am passionate about a kinder and more ethical way to work with equines. I have a wealth of experience in bitless. So here I share this knowledge for FREE in an Introduction to Bitless Download for those of you who are considering this option.

What matters is the knowledge and compassion of the mind of the hands that hold the equipment.

An educated mind enables you to understand your head collar, halter, bridle (bit or no bit) choice in relation to your chosen activity, horsemanship stage and ability. This in the context of the bigger picture of aiming for refinement of your horsemanship. The wrong approach and equipment used badly can result in disaster and can make you and your horse miserable.

Ethical compassionate horsemanship is what matters. Any head collar, halter or bridle, be it bitless or with a bit can cause discomfort or pain if used incorrectly.  I urge people to use what they learn from this resource with a professional practitioner of your own choice.

Here I share with you some my knowledge and experience of equipment. My horsemanship approach has been showcased in several national magazines and my training ethos bitless was showcased in Horse Magazine. You can read for FREE this article and many more in the Horsemanship Resources section of my website.     

The Minds and Your Hands.

With a growing interest in a kinder and more ethical way to interact with equines people are questioning more and more approach and tack choices.

Horsemanship for me is based on Equine Communication, open and honest dialogue, not monologue. Permissive interaction. The use of Positive Reinforcement.

The opinion of the horse matters in our relationship and interactions, they provide us with excellent feedback. So with this in mind when you are reading this information you are 50% of the picture, your horse will have an opinion on the training methods you use and the equipment selected.

All equipment does is amplify your requests. Some types of equipment and training methods will whisper others shout. Once you can master a dialogue of lightness and connection you will no longer need equipment for you and your horse to understand each other. Partnership with a strong bond is better than any equipment, so invest in the relationship.


This is MY FREE GIFT to YOU with LOVE.



  • Because it compliments beautifully what I do offer with my Equine Offerings to the World. Especially my Equine Communication, Reiki and Horsemanship Fusion for Heart to Heart and Soul to Soul connection.    
  • I am passionate that people should have access to a kinder and more ethical way to interact with their equines. 
  • For years I have helped hundreds of people and their equines resolve a wide range of problems. Sometimes I was a last resort call. So I want to share with you information you may find useful. 

Make yourself your favourite drink and settle down to enjoy reading your FREE copy of Introductuion to Bitless Download.    

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