How to Measure Your Horse for a Set of Rhythm Beads

What you need – string (bale twine will do) and a tape measure.

Using a bit of string is best as it enables you to see where the rhythm beads will sit on your horse. Some people like the beads to sit a bit higher other people like them to sit a bit lower. So you can decide what looks right for your horse.  Please note: Rhythm beads clip onto the mane so they do not slip down the neck if the horse puts it's head down. They are not designed to be attached to a saddle or other tack. 

Take the string and place it around the neck on the horse ideally on the groove down the front of shoulder where the neck meets the shoulders and chest. And make a knot in the string to make a loop round the horse’s neck. Step back and assess. Is it too high? If so loosen the string out. Is it too low? If so shorten the string. Keep stepping back to assess, making adjustments until you are happy.

Once happy with the length tie a secure knot in the string before removing the loop of string by passing over your horses head. This way you can be sure it is easy to put on and off.

Once you have removed the sting loop take your tape measure and carefully measure the string. There are 2 ways to measure the string. 

  • If you measure the loop without cutting it open pull the string loop tight and measure, then multiply by 2 to get the length.
  • Or cut the loop open and measure the total length of the string. 

The complete length of the string is required for the measurement.

If you are having a set made bespoke I will make them to this length. If you wish to purchase a ready-made set the measurement of each set is in the description. You will then be able to judge if a set you like will be a good fit for your horse. If you like a set that are on my website for sale and it isn’t the right size for your horse I can re-string the beads to fit your horse. (Just let me know). 

Here is a picture of the string measurement loop and the finished set of Rhythm Beads, showing a perfect fit.

Here is an Approximate Rough Guide.

  • Mini Pony could measure 80cm up to 100cm
  • Shetland Pony could measure 100cm up to 120cm
  • Small Pony could measure 120 cm up to 135cm
  • Larger Pony / Small Cob could measure 130cm up to 145cm
  • Cob to Full Size Horse could measure 145cm up to 155cm     
  • Full Size Horse to Extra Full could measure 155cm up to 165cm
  • Smaller and larger sizes can be made to request.