Meraki Reiki Blessed Rhythm Beads

My rhythm beads are much more than just about rhythm. These are not ordinary rhythm beads. They are anything but ordinary. The rhythm beads I make are Meraki Reiki Blessed Rhythm Beads. The rhythm beads I make have a wonderful positive healing energy.  They have semi-precious crystals which are reiki blessed. The crystals are carefully selected for the benefits each can bring for mind, body and soul. Each crystal has its own energy vibration and benefits. Crystals are selected for enhancing health, spiritual wellbeing, emotional needs, motivation, protection, etc. Everything in this world has an energy vibration, a rhythm, a flow. This includes us, our equines, the land, nature and the universe.

As a reiki practitioner everything I create is made using Meraki. Meraki means the rhythm beads are made with love, passion, spirituality and soul. Each is a unique creation, just as each soul is unique. My focus / intent and my energy is to offer healing; to enhance life, and enrich life. Two legs or four our minds, bodies and souls have a natural rhythm, which when balanced play an amazing beautiful rhythm. One of stability, contentment, and joy. It is the inner harmony many of us seek. And for horsemanship it is the joy of a shared dance with our equine partner. Two legs or four, the world we live in, the pressures, challenges and the environment can often knock us off our natural rhythm and desired energy state. When this happens it can bring subtle negative changes or profound unwanted challenges. With this in mind I set about creating beautiful rhythm beads with semi-precious crystals.  Each set of rhythm beads are hand crafted with love and passion and reiki blessed.

Along with the benefits the semi-precious crystals bring, rhythm beads have many benefits. These include:-

  • They are comfortable for your horse to wear. The rhythm beads are designed to fit around the neck on the horse ideally on the groove down the front of shoulder where the neck meets the shoulders and chest.
  • They are soothing and calming. A great aid for relaxation and concentration. Useful for horse and human to settle when working in hand or for riding.
  • The rhythmic sound provides auditory feedback to help both horse and human connect and focus. It helps centre you both and keep you both from being distracted by outside influences or environmental distraction. The soft jingle can help a horse and human to tune into the jingle rather than other noises. So very useful when schooling or out and about.
  • The rhythmic jingle helps both horse and human synchronise and maintain a consistent even rhythm. Great for tempo and being able to get in touch with stride, as just as a metronome marks out the beat for music and dance so too do rhythm beads. A useful tool when working on collecting and extending within a gait. Having a shared rhythm enables us to truly blend with our horse. 
  • It can encourage or inspire us. So helpful for nervous horses and people.
  • The gentle jingle politely warns wildlife of your approach. Wildlife has time to leave without panicking. A huge bonus as less to spook your horse.
  • You can use them for non ridden activities and for riding.
  • Each set has a clip for you clip onto some mane so they cannot slip down the horse’s neck if your horse was to put its head down.
  • Each set is unique. They are very decorative personal statement. It is a great way to add some bling with lots of benefits.
  • I use a wide range of different semi-precious crystals. Click here for more information.   
  • Click here to view the sets of rhythm beads available to purchase.
  • I make rhythm beads bespoke for customers click here for more information.  
  • Each set is unique.
  • They make a special gift for a horsey friend. Or treat your horse to a set. 
  • We are naturally drawn to colours and stones, please look at the ones listed and if you are drawn to a particular set please read what the healing benefits maybe it is something your horse and or you would benefit from. 

Each horse or pony is an individual so body shape, body condition, breed type can vary the size required dramatically. Therefore it is strongly advised you measure your horse or pony to ensure you purchase the correct size. Please visit the How to Measure Your Horse page for a guide on how to measure your horse. 

  • Rhythm beads should only ever be used under supervision.
  • Never leave your horse unattended wearing rhythm beads.
  • Never allow your horse to put the rhythm beads in its mouth or chew the beads. If swallowed beads can cause serious harm.