Before you can help your horse to relax you must learn the art of relaxation.
Myth - Gentle Relaxed People Can Not Be Super Achievers.

  • Culturally we are encouraged to think being hurried, competitive and being able to handle more and more stress is the sign of a super achiever.
  • There is a fear that becoming more peaceful, relaxed and calm, achievement of goals will be compromised. Not true.
  • People confuse relaxation with being lazy and apathetic. Relaxation is totally different to being lazy and apathetic. They are miles apart.
    Benefits of being relaxed.
  • It allows you to connect with what really matters in life, inner peace. Inner peace is what is magnetic to horses.
  • Centres your energy. Being able to handle more and more stress, uses up a huge amount energy. It drains you.
  • Relaxation can enable higher achievement, better communication, open minds and fuel creativity.
  • It enables faster, clearer learning plus easier problem solving.
  • It takes the drama out of situations.
  • Relaxation leads to better understanding, control of emotions, and a balanced state of mind and energy.
  • With relaxation you become more aware of everything around you.
  • Being relaxed is the polar opposite of being anxious, stressed, tense or fearful. So learning these techniques is part of tackling these issues.


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  • Beacuse it compliments beautifully what I do offer with my Equine Offerings to the World. Click here for more information on this.  
  • I am passionate that people should have access to a kinder and more ethical way to interact with their equines. 
  • I have helped hundreds of people and their equines resolve a wide range of problems. Sometimes I was a last resort call. So I want to share with you how you can start to solve problems you and or your horse maybe experiencing.
  • I am a Reiki healer so I gift this knowledge as it may help you and your horse heal in some way. Relaxation can be achieved through many ways including Reiki healing. Click here for more information about my services and how I can help you and your horse. 
  • It is written so you can use it alongside professional help of your own choosing. 
  • If you would like to work with me I do take on a very limited number of clients on a private one to one basis. I also run workshops and clinics for small groups. 
  • So you can decide if this approach feels right for you and your horse.   

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