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Banish Anxiety – Horsemanship and Beyond

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Anxiety attacks are common in both humans and horses. A lot of my work is about helping horses and humans banish their anxiety and live their equine dreams. I can only work with a very limited number people one to one. So to help more people I run workshops from time to time. I also share my knowledge in FREE to read articles and blogs. Plus I have written a detailed resource pack Banish Anxiety – Horsemanship and Beyond. The resource pack is designed to give you insights, knowledge and techniques in banishing anxiety. It is designed to be used alongside support from a professional of your choice.  


Horsemanship will get you so far, however without the insights into the nature of the beast of what anxiety is and how to deal with it you will struggle. Many people I meet are highly skilled horse people, it’s not their ability to ride or handle their horse that is limiting them; it is anxiety either in themselves and or their horse. Horses have a great way of reflecting right back at us the issues we need to face from within. 

If you suffer anxiety and others around you haven’t experienced it can be hard for others to give you the help you need. Many folk have had lessons to improve their riding or groundwork; however the anxiety prevents them from moving forward on their own as the lessons didn’t explore how to banish anxiety. Then if you own an anxious horse and you have never experienced anxiety you will struggle to understand how best to help your horse. We can only truly provide empathy and support if we have walked a mile in another soul’s shoes. Or have invested in learning about anxiety so we can help others with knowledge we have acquired. Yes, I personally know anxiety well. I have lived with it, worked through it and come through the other side. I have learnt about the nature of the anxiety beast, and the techniques to free you. Plus I regularly work with anxious horses to help them banish the anxiety and be safe, calm and confident. I understand what impact anxiety has in regard to personal suffering. It is a dark place to be overwhelmed with misery and anxiety. Often people feel alone. Or feel guilty about their anxieties. 

In my experience people need time to explore and understand anxiety in a private safe and non-judgemental environment. Often being away from the yard and in the comfort of a warm home to learn about what is anxiety and how to deal with it. Confidence and anxiety are very closely interlinked with often blurred boundaries. Anxiety reduces our confidence levels, making doing tasks we once found easy hard. The cycle of anxiety and loss confidence feed into each other and it becomes a vicious cycle that is hard to break free from. I provide safe non-judgemental sessions from the comfort and privacy of my home in Coventry. I help people to really understand the root causes of their anxiety. And teach them techniques they can use to banish anxiety. I will come out to people with their horse to give them one to one tuition.     

Anxiety attacks are also known as panic attacks. Anxiety has the potential to kill our dreams. It can be a living nightmare and a battlefield robbing you of confidence and self-esteem. Living in an anxiety state is limiting, restrictive and soul destroying. It can left unchecked interfere with your daily life. Being anxious stops you from staying motivated, because anxiety stops you from trying and moving forward towards your life goals. Anxiety also has an impact your physical health in many ways, left unchecked not only will your mind suffer so will your body, spirit and soul. 

Maybe you have used or are using medication to manage your anxiety; this does nothing to re-train the mind. It is a sticking plaster. Often when people try to come off medication they experience a relapse. Learning how to cope is essential for us all as there will always be difficult situations and dark days that trigger anxiety. I can show you a blend of cognitive behavioural techniques, horsemanship using the language of the herd and relaxation techniques to control anxiety. There are many techniques and approaches you can use when dealing with anxiety; Far too many to write about here in a short blog. Plus you need tutoring to master technique and support when using anxiety techniques in horsemanship. 

Anxiety, it just stops your life from being the best it can be.  It is a natural reaction to avoid situations that make us feel anxious / fearful. The natural response when exposed to a fearful situation is flight, fight or freeze, an evolutionary survival reaction. Both horse and human possess this survival reaction and it can be triggered by real threats and perceived threats to our wellbeing.  

You are only one decision from making a change so you can live the life you want. You can learn to conquer anxiety. I will share with you insights, knowledge and techniques. I can help you to understand anxiety and give you the tools and skills to reduce your symptoms, regain control of your life and show you different pathways you can take to manage anxiety. Horses can suffer from anxiety, so you need the knowledge not only to manage your anxiety but insights into how to help your horse.

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