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Earth Angels and Soul Companions

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Are Horses Sentient Beings?  

Mostly what we know about horses being sentient beings comes from our close connection with our own horses. Only recently has some research been undertaken into answering the question – Are Horses Sentient Beings? With animals it is how we respond and interact with them that will determine the effect they have on us. When I look into the eyes of an animal I see a spirit and soul looking back. I for one am convinced horses are sentient and capable of feeling and expressing a wide range of feelings and emotions. I am convinced horses are very able to read us, interpreting and responding to our very subtle communication.  I believe all living beings are spirits / souls that have a body. So not only are horses sentient they are souls too. Therefore we are able to connect with our horses to have deep meaningful relationships.   

Are Horses Capable of Being a Soul Companion and or an Earth Angel?

I think so. If you open up to having a spiritual connection with your animals you see qualities similar to what you imagine an angel or a soul companion possesses. Many of us are drawn to horses as they can inspire us, uplift us and encourage us to enjoy life. Stirring up deep within us emotions and awakening our senses becoming a lifelong passion. Horses give us so much, their body, soul and pure spirit. They teach us about nature, incredible power with balance and harmony. When the interactions with horses are right horses are willing accepting partners. This teaches us about acceptance, empathy, compassion and understanding. Humbling considering how little they ask in return. There is far more to horsemanship than the mechanics of groundwork or riding, there is an emotional bond and a spiritual connection. That magic we seek is waiting in our horse. This is why horses have the power to shape us and change us. It is about our perspective: If you are open to animals teaching or guiding us then it isn’t difficult to see they are offering us the same lessons as angels or soul companions. Some horses are soul companions, others earth angels and some a mixture of the qualities of the two.

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What is a Soul Companion? 

  • A soul companion relationship has a deep natural affinity, a bond with love and spirituality.
  • A soul companion comes to you to help you grow and discover from within personal development.
  • It’s a relationship based in kindness and mutual trust.
  • It’s an honest relationship with open dialogue.
  • Soul companions can be teachers to teach us life lessons. Often via challenging our belief system, perceptions, ideas and thinking. Sometimes it is a golden gift in crappy paper. You attract them into your life because you need to learn something from them. Some of these lessons are profound and not easy to learn as they are so deep, so intricate that they require a lifetime of growth with each other.
  • They are often the ignition to a passion from within.
  • A Soul Companion relationship brings a deep understanding of each other. Horses teach us to listen, read their communication, their thoughts and emotions. 
  • Soul companion relationships can be about guidance and assistance. 
  • The relationship maybe about overcoming fears or freeing oneself from a damaging past.
  • The relationship is characterized by being mutually respectful, loving and safe.
  • These challenging relationships may start out in a dark place, however two souls companions will end up knowing each other down to the soul level. 


What are the Characteristics of an Earth Angel?

  • Earth angels are authentic.
  • They share their gifts with those who ask.
  • They have integrity.
  • Earth angels are sensitive.
  • They are humble.
  • Healing is something most earth angels are born with.
  • They are compassionate and have a sense of purpose.
  • Just like angels horses show us beauty is not just on the outside but deep inside too.
  • Like angels, horses are highly intelligent and have the ability to cross a species divide to understand us.
  • Horses know, they can read us, an earth angel horse will notice when you need support. These wise earth angels can see into your soul.
  • Earth angels teach us about acceptance, empathy, compassion and understanding. 

I have been blessed to have had both soul companion horses and earth angel horses in my life. I believe everyone be they have 2 legs or 4, offers me opportunities for personal development, to teach me important principles and life lessons. With animals it is how we respond and interact with them that will determine the effect they have on us. 

For me horsemanship is about engaging in a meaningful relationship with our horses to form a connection of mutual love and a strong bond.  A partnership with open honest dialogue, it is a two way street. When we try to suppress our own inner feelings horses see the incongruence and it rattles them. Horses teach us a lot about ourselves, what inner issues we need to address to achieve inner balance and harmony. Once you open up a connection with your horse they become your reflection. They see you clearly. When you connect with your animals, love is returned. It is well documented that physiologically and psychologically, animals calm and relax people. There are studies that prove that people who own pets live longer, have lower blood pressure and there are many more related benefits. 

There are many barriers that prevent seeing spiritual properties in our horses. Some people are closed to this as it requires opening eyes, minds, hearts, spirit and souls. Others only see the horse as what the horse can do for them, a possession or a tool for a job. A few people have learnt to switch off or shut down from this type of connection due to past negative life situations with the fear of pain and damage. Then some would never entertain the idea that animals can teach us. Sadly the equine media reports on stories of abuse: be it for sport, profit, neglect, inhumanity or profit which indicates the huge distance some people have to travel to change perceptions.  

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