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Warriors, Healers, Earth Angels and Soul Companions

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Horsemanship provides us with an opportunity to forge a beautiful, magical, spiritual and eternal connection with our horse. With animals it is how we respond and interact with them that will determine the effect they have on us. When I look into the eyes of an animal I see a spirit and soul looking back. My own animals are part of my family. They help me with very challenging life events. They are my warriors, healers, earth angels and soul companions.

I can help you to engage in a meaningful relationship with your horse to form a connection of mutual love and a strong bond. If this is the path you want to experience then give me a call or text on 07930605544 to discuss how I can help you. Or use the Get in Touch page.  

I will help you and your horse learn how to have a partnership with open honest dialogue to achieve inner harmony, relaxation and the ability to hear each other. You can have a close magical spiritual connection.    

If you open up to having a spiritual connection with your animals you see qualities similar to what you imagine an angel or a soul companion to possess. Many of us are drawn to horses as they can inspire us, uplift us and encourage us to enjoy life. Stirring up deep within us emotions and awakening our senses becoming a lifelong passion. Horses give us so much, their body, soul and pure spirit. They teach us about nature, incredible power with balance and harmony. Horses are highly intelligent and have the ability to cross a species divide to understand us. Yet they have free will and have allowed us to tame them. When the training is right horses are willing accepting partners. This teaches us about acceptance, empathy, compassion and understanding. Humbling considering how little they ask in return. There is far more to horsemanship than the mechanics of riding, there is an emotional bond and a spiritual connection. That magic we seek is waiting in our horse.

Horses are also warriors who will step up by our side in times of need. They know when we are struggling. They are able to help us battle our inner deamons. They know when we are ill and have the ability to help us heal and face life's challenges. Horses have the power to shape us and change us. It is about our perspective: If you are open to animals teaching or guiding us then it isn’t difficult to see they are offering us the same lessons as a warrior, healer, angel or a soul companion. 

Horsemanship is a bridge, walk more than half way across and you will start to see the qualities that make a horse and other animals warriors, healers, earth angels and soul companions. In my opinion horses are our partners, friends, who we can learn from as we go through our life’s journey. How much better would the human race be if more people opened up to these lessons?

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