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Ridicule or Compliment? The Pasture or Field Ornament Horse.

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It depends on your view point as to if you see the word ornament as a term for ridicule or a compliment in terms of a non ridden equine. Personally I love the word ornament. I for one think any field is greatly improved by the addition of a beautiful horse. I think us owners of non ridden equines should champion the word ornament and embrace it. If we do the word ornament cannot be used to ridicule the non ridden equine or folk who choose not to ride. It is a beautiful wonderful word.

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For me the definition of ornament when applied to an equine is:-

Ornament can be one of cherishing and treasuring. As ornaments are used throughout history for religion, ceremony and worship and are often precious, held in high esteem and seen as sacred. And there is a tide of change that now many see the horse for the horse not what it can do for man. And these equines are cherished and treasured.   

Ornament can be to describe beauty and equines are incredibly beautiful. There is that magical blend of beauty, nature, power, gentleness, soul, spirit and more.

Ornament can be an equine that brings to us humans lessons and they are to be credited to our understanding, our personal development and the good of society, and era, etc. The horse has been by man’s side throughout history and shaped us and is continuing to shape our thinking. A thought to ponder: horses have always had a place by man’s side of adorning and being adorned.  

Ornament can mean a quality or ability to add grace, beauty, or honour to something. I personally think this sits so well with equines. Our equine’s qualities and virtues can shape people in profound and life changing ways. They bring way more than a shine and lustre to a place or society.  

Ornament can be about counterbalancing plainness or ugliness. And there is plenty of plainness and ugliness in the equine world. So I have no problem if my pasture ornament brings something different that contributes to the joy of horse ownership. And my non ridden Kez every day is an inspiration for me.  

Next time your horse is referred to as a pasture or field ornament again, it can only be seen as ridicule if your perception of the word ornament allows it. For me it is a compliment. Maybe the person using the term is not educated? As for sure there are many rich and diverse meaning of the word and how it can be applied in so many contexts.   

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