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The Lucky One?

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People have said to me how lucky our horse Kez is. Just so you can decide if he is lucky here is some background on Kez. My husband and I purchased Kez in late November 2015 to share as a riding horse. He was purchased from a friend who is also a dealer. We paid the going market price for Kez as a horse suitable for riding activities. November passed settling him in, followed quickly by the run up to Christmas, and the wintery weather. Plus in the new year I badly injured my foot so riding and groundwork went out the window for several months at the start of 2016. When the spring of 2016 arrived and we had more opportunities to start doing things with Kez. Fairly soon we discovered Kez with some activities. So our good friend Kathryn Welland from Oaklands Physiotherapy was called out. She gave us plenty to add into our programme. Our programme had been very carefully planned, gentle, no rushing. It was a mixture of horsemanship groundwork, physio exercises, short gentle hacks mostly in walk (max 30 mins). The second physio visit noted some improvements, however the treatment resulted in it was clear there was something wrong. So the vet was called. During the summer 2016 Kez underwent lots of tests with our local vet. The local vets struggled to get a diagnosis. So autumn 2016 Kez was referred to Newmarket Equine Hospital. Kez was at Newmarket for a week and finally we got a diagnosis of inter-spinal ligament damage on the left plus he has hock problems. The conditions cannot be cured, only managed. So under discussion with the specialist vet at Newmarket and our local vet my husband and I retired Kez from ridden activities. We will continue to work with our vet and other health care providers in management of his conditions and will do so for the rest of his life.

Kez isn’t lucky to have dreadful conditions.

However Kez Maybe Lucky Because We Promise Him:

  • To listen and understand. We know Kez and other horses are genuine souls. Kez always tries hard to please. So we knew he was finding certain things difficult. We listened and got the right professionals on board early on.  
  • To live free from pain, injury and disease. This should be a promise to every horse. When things go wrong bills can get very expensive very quickly. For us it was essential for Kez to have an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.  We are committed to ensuring Kez’s conditions are managed carefully. We aim to keep Kez pain free and to manage the discomfort of his conditions by following the professional support and advice from our vet. Plus invest in regular complimentary therapies that greatly enhance Kez’s quality of life.
  • Freedom from distress. Our pledge is to give Kez the best opportunity to be physically as well as he can be and to be emotionally happy. However when the time comes that his conditions cannot be managed and it causes him distress we will not shy away from the last kindness.
  • Put his needs above our desires. We have given up our riding dreams and aspirations. We have grieved and shed tears. However when push comes to shove we are 100% committed to our horse not to our original equine dream. So now we must look in a different direction for a new equine dream, one in which our horse shapes it's agenda and path. 
  • Write off the costs in purchase. We purchased and paid market value for a riding horse and paid as such. What we in effect we got was a horse we could have had from a rescue centre. Yes it can leave a bitter taste in your mouth. However none of this was Kez's doing and he doesn't owe us anything.
  • Not to pass him on. Lots of other horses like Kez get passed on with the truth hidden onto an unsuspecting new owner. Many like Kez are sold with the truth hidden so people can recoup money or to make a profit.  Others get passed through a noisy auction.  
  • To give him a loving home. We know there are hundreds like Kez who are non-ridden equines are waiting in rescue centres in slim hope for a loving one to one home. Yet they have so much to give. 
  • To ensure his needs are met. We will make sure he has the correct management, provide him with an appropriate diet, equine friendship, a shelter for him to relax and rest.
  • Value and cherish him. Sadly we all see how little value is placed on horses like Kez. We are in the grip of a dreadful equine crisis in the UK. Horses like Kez are dumped and left to die.
  • To do our best. Will strive to do the best we can with the resources we have. We will look for ways to enrich Kez’s life so he can enjoy activities within his physical limitations. We want Kez to be able to enjoy his life to the full.    

I have seen inside Kez's soul. Kez is a sentient soul; we value him and treasure him. With us Kez is safe, loved, cared for and cherished. He shows me the lessons I must learn. He is inspiration to shine a light for the thousands of others like him. I will learn from Kez as I have from all my horses.

So is Kez lucky?

How lucky are other horses?

kez finished 2016

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