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A Poem ~ Because of Kez

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No more are non ridden secrets hidden away,
Free resources to enjoy and zero to pay.
Thousands of voices have joined the throng,
Their passion, dedication cannot be wrong.
The original Non Ridden Equine group is for all,
A celebration, supportive and encouraging call.
Local, regional & national groups are there too,
As there is so much more we have to do.
A worldwide good practice network is growing,
All from a single seed of an idea sowing.
Facebook is one place we all can meet,
And sharing stories can't be beat.
Clicking like don't help unloved non ridden,
Outside of Facebook we must not be hidden.
So the association was created to do more,
A collective of voices can knock on the door.
Who would guess I am the reason this got started,
Steve and Vicki their riding dream was parted.
Fun, Free and for You and Your Equine.

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