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Poem ~ Not Worthless

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I cannot be ridden because of my health issues,
I am well looked after, don't cry and no need for tissues.
Cry for the non ridden equines that are dumped to die,
Too many are born unwanted with no home it's no lie.
Some are so poorly, skinny, wormy and have lice,
Their bodies show the bad and ugly humanity price.
They stand in deep mud, nothing to eat and cold,
Not knowing the kindness of love I am told.
Then there are the old, broken and lame,
Then the born wild and not easy to tame.
Humans discard the ones that cannot jump or run,
Move on the problem to replace with another for fun.
Quick fixes, throw away attitude they don't see our soul,
Some equines have to work to earn their feed bowl.
Once no longer of worth moved on with truth hidden,
Only for the new owner to discover we shouldn't be ridden.
Who steps up to pick up the responsibility and dreams broken,
Who will be our voice and be shot down when outspoken.
Thousands have joined our group with stories to share,
Their equines are lucky, but the wider world is so unfair.
More must be done so the mainstream see non ridden gifts,
So the non ridden worthless or wasted horse label shifts.

Check out the not for profit Non Ridden Equine Association UK. FREE, fun and for you. Here is the link to the website


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