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A Poem ~ Give a Gift

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Christmas is a time for gifts and love,
And for peace, a symbol is a white dove.
A time for sending gifts to family and friends,
Time to reflect as this year will soon end.
I am blessed and loved beyond measure,
Christmas I will get treats and lots of pleasure.
Other non ridden equines will not be lucky,
Some are left thin, cold, wet and mucky.
I will have plenty of sweet hay to munch,
Others never see a good meal or lunch.
Skinny they wait for food that don't arrive,
They stare with sad eyes trying to survive.
Over grown painful hooves that look a sight,
Dumped with fly tipping is a dreadful plight.
Riddled with lice they are itchy and sore,
Scratched away patches that are red raw.
Wobbly and weak some are broken souls,
Some are this year's unwanted foals.
Unpaying guests of worms make them ill,
Rescue organizations try to pick up the bill.
Help a welfare charity with a gift of money,
The reality out there is not milk and honey.

A Poem ~ Give a Gift

Photograph is some of the ponies who have been rescued and now live at Redwings.

Please support a welfare organisation of your choice there are lots out there doing really challenging work. They are totally reliant on donations. Or please support the not for profit Non Ridden Equine Association UK. We are trying so hard to shape change for non ridden equines and people who choose not to ride.

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