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Who would like to see change happen?

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Are you waiting for someone else to make the change happen? Chances are if yes, it will take much longer for the change you want to see happen arrive. Yes one voice can create ripples, however for real change to happen it takes the power of the collective. Each of us has the power to contribute to the change we want to see. The richer and more diverse those voices the wider the message will travel.

In 2017 my husband Steve and I started the original Non Ridden Equine Facebook Group because our horse Kez cannot be ridden due to health conditions. Little did we know when we launched thousands would join. Or what journey we would end up taking. It was so clear that much more was needed for non ridden equines and for people who choose not to ride. As the prevailing equine culture has a very strong bias towards riding. Later in 2017 bravely a small group of us called upon our courage to go well and truly outside our comfort zones and set up the not for profit Non Ridden Equine Association UK. This provides a central platform for a rich diversity of non ridden to be showcased and to provide a FREE resource bank to inspire, delight and educate. 

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It is sadly true there is much work to be done for non ridden to be seen to have equal value to riding. I am not anti-riding nor is the non ridden equine agenda of the Non Ridden Equine Association UK, we simply would love to see non ridden alongside riding. The wish is for it to be culturally accepted, and seen normal to own an equine and choose not to ride. After all a horse is not born with a saddle, riding is a human agenda.

I would love each and every person to see individually they have the power to influence change.

How can you influence change?

  • Share your non ridden stories and experiences. Too many of us are silent. We just get on with our lives. Stories are massively inspirational and really important. Your stories really matter. You may not be good with words. Don’t let that put you off. I am dyslexic, yet I have found my voice and share what I can. Stories are not always words, they can be images, photographs, videos and in the art we create. Stories are often verbal, ones we tell our friends and family. Stories are often what we do….people around see our stories. We have non ridden equine social media groups where people can share their stories, but sharing outside of these groups is vital for change to happen. Thank you to every single person who bravely shares their non ridden equine stories. Some are so personal and profound, others simply celebrate the everyday joys of non ridden. All stories matter.     
  • The prevailing culture and social conditioning will only change if a large number of people want it to change and come together. The power of the collective is real and unstoppable. The original Non Ridden Equine Facebook Group has over 20,000 members, in a worldwide group. In the scheme of things, this is a tiny drop in the ocean compared to globally how many equestrians are out there. The Non Ridden Equine Association UK is also a tiny spec in the equestrian ocean. However people are finding us. And what has been started is making a difference. Are you joining the non ridden voices?
  • How can you make a difference? Why not tell people about the FREE non ridden equine resources? Yes they are FREE. Click here to check them out. These resources are not anti-riding, so of huge benefit to all who love equines. I share these resources often. I hardly ever see anyone else sharing these resources. I wonder why? I have nothing to personally gain from sharing these resources. I don’t get paid for the hours I invest in the non ridden equine agenda, and I no longer teach horsemanship so I have zero to financially gain. What I share is signposting people to a wonderful rich diverse resource so people can choose what feels right for them and their equine. I do it because I believe more must be done for change to happen. If you want change to happen why not share what is out there?
  • Be part of the change. So everyone can be part of the change The Non Ridden Equine Association UK is hosting International Non Ridden Equine Weekend 1st May 2nd May 2021.  There are lots of FREE resources to help people to celebrate non ridden in its rich diversity.  The weekend celebrations are for all who love equines, non riders, riders, owners of non ridden equines, ridden equines. We welcome all from novice to professionals, individuals to businesses. Everyone can enjoy non ridden. For everyone there are wonderful FREE to access resources so you can be inspired to do some non ridden equine activities.
  • For Businesses (this includes all types of business, sole traders, not for profit, charities, commercial businesses, etc) International Non Ridden Equine Weekend is an ideal opportunity to get involved to showcase your work, to offer something special for the weekend, an event, a discount, a giveaway, a competition, etc. Click here for more information 

Our horse Kez is the reason this all started. However I am only one voice. There are limits to what alone I can do. The change I would love to see happen most likely will not happen in my lifetime. I have seen my own mortality and I fear on my death the momentum will also die if others do not embrace the call. So my wish is many as possible pick up the non ridden equine message. Change is in all our hands.

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  1. sarajane

    I do not ride any more and I have two wonderful horses that I love.they are so happy just being out in the field and being non ridden horses just like nature intended! they are my pets and I will just leave it at that

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