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A Poem - My Saddle is Sold.

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With Kez it took time to see the diagnosis through,

And our riding dreams will never come true.

I sold Kez's saddle and all our riding tack, 

As we will never sit on his damaged back.

Kez's health conditions means riding will never be right,

To get the answers a huge vet bill to scare and fright.

Kez went to Newmarket Equine Hospital to be seen by the best,

He was there a week while they did every single test.

We love Kez unconditionally and way more than riding,

Our bond, connection and partnership is not hiding.

With Kez all what makes life amazing is there I believe, 

Riding is gone, but what really matters will never leave.

Tables got turned I ended up in hospital oh so sick,

Kez never abandoned me; his love packs a powerful kick.

Both Kez and I may struggle it is true,

But there is so much for non ridden to do.

Healer and warrior wrapped up in an Irish cob,

Kez certainly has an impressive and important job.

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