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A Poem - Walking and Hiking

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.A good walk is great for body, soul and mind,

A stroll in nature is the best therapy to find.

Us horses do love to explore and roam,

Enriching our lives a short stroll from home.

Check out what you can see on your walk,

Listen out for sounds so silence don't talk.

What can you touch and how does it feel?

Use all your senses and life becomes real.

On the breeze sniff the air what are the smells?

This time of year maybe sweet bluebells.

Then there is taste, a walk can include a treat,

Positive reinforcement cannot be beat.

Enrichment go for a forage or a graze in hand,

Plenty is there to discover across the land.

My mum found a 4 leaf clover and a feather,

A stroll out is perfect in sunny weather.

We are lucky we walk our farmer friend's fields,

Watching his crop grow and what it yields.

There are sections set aside to be wild,

The geese, ducks and deer have their child.

kez and steve

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