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A Poem - Non Ridden

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Steve and Vicki gave up their dream of riding,

Their unconditional love for me isn't in hiding.

My saddle and riding tack has been sold,

I am not a wasted horse at 13 years old.

I give my humans gifts that makes them smile,

Their choice of non ridden is their lifestyle.

We enjoy just being, relaxing, and chilling out,

Sometimes we go exploring and walk about.

I love positive reinforcement treats are great,

My feedback on activities they highly rate.

Play is great fun when I want to let of steam,

I have aspirations to be on a football team.

The big green ball I adore to chase and kick,

Doing the leaping, bucking and squealing trick.

My orange ball with the handle is a total joy,

I can pick it up, carry it and throw it oh boy.

The scent game with cones makes me think,

That nose of mine is so sensitive and pink.

My podium I really love to get on and stand tall,

I stand proud after fetching my orange ball.

Agility obstacles we have enough for a course,

I share with the smallest pony to biggest horse.

Liberty and freedom to choose to dance,

Often I just adore to bounce and prance.

I carry healing wisdom in my big heart,

I am a cob with enough love to fill a cart.

My gifts I share with those with an open mind,

I am blessed to have humans who are kind.

Non ridden is not a worthless horse,

Sadly too many don't see this of course.


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