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Poem ~ Not Riding Today?

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A question often asked is not riding today?

It's interesting what answers people say.

I have health conditions so it's not for me,

For others it's about chilling out to just be.

Age is a factor too young or too old,

Or simply all the riding tack got sold.

Permissive riding both must have a voice,

And be able to say no and have a choice. 

Personal quality time matters not a goal,

The magic connection that is soul to soul.

Emotions really matter four legs or two,

What feels right is what we should do.

Whatever the reason it's ok not to ride,

As plenty of fun is there side to side.

What matters to the horse we must care,

Questioning ethics and what's fair.

A horse isn't born with a saddle or tack,

It's a human agenda to climb on their back.


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