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A Poem - Non Ridden for All

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Abandoned, and neglected little non ridden cobs,

Some say worthless because they don't have jobs.

Too many are bred not wanted, dumped and left to die.

My humans see it every day and can't turn a blind eye.

Far too many non ridden equines get the rough end of the deal,

They are not loved, cherished or have anyone to care how they feel.

Before our non ridden Facebook group we had no place to share,

Now thousands of passionate voices show they really care.

If you choose not to ride in a world geared for all things ridden,

Often facing criticism, questions and ridicule so you stayed hidden.

More must be done so non ridden is accepted and embraced,

There are so many pressures and challenges to be faced.

Non ridden activities are wonderful, fun and benefit all, 

Non ridden, ridden, driven, and their humans can have a ball.

The non ridden stuff is great for bodies, minds and souls.

Two legs or four from golden oldies to the young and even foals.

Not anti-riding, just a voice for those marginalized and hidden,

We try to showcase the many joys of non ridden.


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