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A Poem - The Suffering is Real.

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Neglect appears in our time lines,

Some are prosecuted and pay fines.

Ban, tag and curfew handed out,

The excuses are there no doubt.

The silent suffering from sentient souls,

Some so young as just weaned foals.

Dark stables behind closed doors,

With little to eat and dirty floors.

Or standing in a field boggy and bare,

Eyes resigned and a helplessness stare.

Value of each life plays its part,

Many see this deep from their heart.

Some value us on what we can do or give,

That sadly dictates the type of life we live.

Equines that are non ridden are often found,

As the value is often in the lower pound.

Non ridden due to lack of health or age,

Or the ability for humans to turn a wage.

A very hard task for those who step in,

It's a long hard battle that's not easy to win.

I don't have the answers to the crisis out there,

But I do know thousands really do care.

Plenty unconditionally love their equine friend,

And ensure a good life right up to the end.


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