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Poem - Valentine’s Day

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Valentine's day is about love and sharing,

Unconditional love is more than caring.

To love not for what we can do or give,

Being loved we thrive more than just live.

To be loved deeply without measure,

Is a true and a rare precious treasure.

Love is the universal language all feel,

It crosses the species divide and is real.

Love will bravely go where angels fear,

Love will hold you and wipe away a tear.

Laughter and smiles are love gifts,

The warmth of love always lifts.

Love helps carry the heaviest load,

And walks with you down the scary road.

Soul to soul connected heart to heart,

Love bonds are eternal never to part.

These bonds are the strongest cords,

And cannot be cut by the sharpest swords.


Valentine's day is the day of celebration of love. Who do you love?

❤ 💜 ❤ 💜

valentines day

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