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A Poem - Spa Day

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Watching and learning from Victoria the goose,
Sure is inspiring to getting full on foot loose.
She gave me the idea of what the puddle is for,
The pleasures of the puddle she does adore.
She is so beautiful and gleaming bright white,
Enjoying pleasures of a spa day puddle delight,
Beau and I started off with paddling our toes,
Then sploshing the water about with my nose.
Leaping and jumping to churned up the mud,
Then sit and lie in it with my very best bud.
Roll and get the beauty treatment to the skin,
When it's dripping off I can say it's a big win.
The beauty treatment did look a bit of a mess,
Our spa day wasn't like Victoria's we confess.
Not washed, preened and gleaming white,
Bog monsters got out looking quiet a fright.
I was ready to go to the best in the show,
Yes bog monsters can enter you know.
Being a mud monster you can be a winner,
I even won a lovely haynet for my dinner.
Rosettes for getting well and truly caked,
A talent for enjoying dirt can't be faked.
spa day

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