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Poem - Resilience

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Resilience can take weeks, months or years,

As it's often about facing our darkest fears.

Adversity is something we both know well,

Our stories we often openly share and tell.

Adapting to challenges isn't always fun,

It's really hard when all is said and done.

In the blink of an eye life can change,

Nothing is normal everything is strange.

Life threatening, a struggle and fight to live,

Discovering who loves us for what we give.

Abandoned and cast to one side,

Broken it's about swallowing pride.

Trauma leads down to a dark place,

Many tears flowed down my face.

Asking for help is not weak or giving in,

It's the start of getting tools to help to win.

Bodies never to return to before,

That was a one way entry door.

Accepting new physical limits is hard,

As the mind can play the just try card.

Emotionally trauma is confusing and black,

Plus the inner critic loves to give flack.

Adapting needs healing of body, soul and mind,

And learning self-compassion to be kind.

The other side of adversity life is not the same,

Good times, happiness and laughter to claim.




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