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A Poem - Brave Catkins

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The first day of February and the sky is clear,

The first signs of spring catkins brave with no fear.

For the weather can be cruel and a vicious beast,

It has been known to be icy winds from the east.

February can be white, bleak, cold and bare,

For some equines no one is there to care.

Plenty will suffer the last of winter's harsh grip,

Some will be abandoned like rubbish at the tip.

Too many stand hungry with empty bellies,

In deep mud that can eat the toughest wellies.

Or left by the road to stagger with horrific neglect,

These souls have seen no love or respect.

The dark underbelly of the equine world many are blind,

My humans know it is cruel and very unkind.

Non ridden equines with no loving guardians can suffer,

As the law to protect them needs to be tougher.

Non ridden is not a worthless throw away soul,

A mother passes generational gifts to her foal.

When will humanity see non ridden equal to riding,

We stand up and share proudly we are not in hiding.

Non ridden voices can collectively shape change,

And what we started is not odd or strange.

Thousands understand the delights of non ridden,

In the non ridden groups their stories are not hidden.

We are not anti-riding as everything non ridden is great for all,

Ridden equines can enjoy non ridden activities and have a ball.

Non ridden gifts are great for all humans spirit, body and mind,

So we make it all free and easy to access and find.


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