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A Poem - Snow

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Today snowflakes settled to a world of white,
Making everything magical, sparkly and bright.
My nose can snuffle through the snow to graze,
A roll makes snow angels that truly amaze.
I am cleaner after a good roll in the snow,
Once the snow melts clean will soon go.
Snow is fun if you have plenty to eat,
And big piles of sweet hay can't be beat.
My dry shelter gives me a place to rest,
A soft dry bed to snooze on is the best.
Fresh clean water with no layer of ice,
It is more than wonderful and really nice.
Hooves make ice blocks all over the place,
You can see where Beau and I had a race.
Equines who have everything snow can be fun,
An opportunity to prance, dance and run.
No loving guardian it's a different story to tell,
Snow for the neglected doesn't end well.
Winter's cruel grip too many suffer that's true,
Please support a welfare for the work they do.
Kez X 💓 X

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