Equine Communication.

Horses are sentient creatures and no one can convince me that they don’t feel a vast range of feelings and deeply think. Horses communicate out to us wanting to be heard and understood. I can teach you how to understand what your horse is communicating. To hear and feel your horse. I teach horsemanship that all interactions are dialogue. The approach I will teach you is ethical, compassionate and will allow you to connect with your horse with empathy. Once a horse knows you will listen and take on board their feelings and opinions you will become partners. 2 legs or 4 everyone likes to be valued, listened to, heard and understood. Horses have emotional needs; seek spiritual harmony and mental safety. This silent, invisible, open, honest dialogue between horse and human is the close connection we seek. It can feel magical. It is not magical. It is real. Learn their language and open up to a different way of engaging with your horse. Once you have discovered it is a one way door. 

Do horses know if we are knowledgeable or ignorant? Personally I think they know. Personally I think they try really hard to guide us, teach us and show us the lessons we need to learn. Today there is a movement away from the thinking of training a horse based on monologue with the human telling the horse and the horse expected to comply. To one of communication being dialogue, a two way street. A horse will be telegraphing out to us, the skill is to learn how to listen to understand and to learn their language. My belief is horses have great minds, they are thinkers and really do try their best to connect with us.  

What is your horse thinking? Or feeling? How do you want to engage his mind? What memories do you want to create together?

Being able to read emotion in horses is equine empathy. Being appropriate is to use compassion in our interactions with the equine. Horsemanship to me is equine empathy and compassion. Horsemanship is a partnership 50 : 50 so your horse's opinions, thoughts and feelings really matter. I will teach you how to listen, to hear and understand your horse. Horse’s have great minds. Learning to listen to understand will unlock opportunities for learning and enrich the relationship with your horse.    

When I look into the eyes of a horse I see its spirit, soul a friend looking back at me. 

My approach in horsemanship is it is a mutual understanding, with open honest dialogue. It’s a conversation between you and your horse. How would you like to be able to hear your horse and communicate with your horse? 

Science is now discovering that horses are able to read our emotional state. A horse has no problem in reading and understanding your thoughts and feelings. Horses often reflect right back at us the development we need to make from within. You cannot be false or wearing a mask with a horse. You can’t fool your horse, they will know, they are astute. Try to hide your true feelings, they look for any sign of incongruence in you and it will rattle them. My work is often about helping people who are struggling. Horses reflect right back at us our emotions, and life issues. I help people find emotional balance, banishing anxiety, addressing confidence issues, tackling fear or stress, etc. Often their horse is the only one who can teach them these life lessons and personal development. I help people with their horse achieve a calm balanced energy,  spiritually and mentally.  

If we have a troubled horse we really need to listen carefully to understand to be able to help. Horses can and do experience emotional trauma, distress, pain and a very wide range of feelings that impact on horsemanship. They have emotional needs; seek spiritual harmony and mental safety. I have worked with plenty of troubled horses, helped their owners understand the issues and move forward in finding solutions. 

I don't just work with people and horses who are struggling. I am happy to work with anyone. So if you are keen to discover how to use equine communication to refine horsemanship and enrich your relationship with your horse I am the person for you.    

Please do not confuse what I am offering. I am not offering an animal communication session, that is completly different.

I am offering to teach you how to listen to understand your horse and learn it's language. So you can become a partnership bond and communicate with dialogue in your interactions. It will may take several / many sessions for you to fully grasp everything you need to learn to be able to hear and understand your horse and how to apply it in horsemanship.  

why work with me?

I have published in national equine magazines many times on the relationship between horse and equine, with articles that expore how horses communicate, and how to connect with horses to form a strong partnership bond. You will be working with a top leading industry expert. I have a proven track record of success helping people and their horses overcome issues to find harmony and happiness.  I will put together a bespoke plan for you and your horse. I do not have a one size fits all approach. I am compassionate, kind and empathetic. I have helped many people and horses with issues such as banishing anxiety, tackling confidence issues, fear, stress, etc. This alongside helping people develop an ethical and compassionate approach in their horsemanship. I have the blend of being able to help you and your horse so you can both live your shared dreams. If you want to know what your horse is thinking and feeling and are passionate about learning how to connect then I am for you.    

I travel out to people and their horses to provide practical equine communication tutoring sessions. (Approx 1 hour) I cover the Coventry, Warwickshire and surrounding areas.

  • Private one to one practical equine communication tution with you and your horse at your yard is charged £40.00 per person plus travel. If more than one person at the same venue wants private sessions on the same visit, one after the other I charge £35.00 per person plus travel. The travel fee can be split between the people wanting sessions. 
  • Private one to one theory to support you with issues for example: anxiety, confidence building, fear and stress is charged at £30.00 on the basis you travel to me in Coventry. These sessions compliment practical equine communication sessions with your own horse.    
  • Private one to one Reiki healing session for you. If you travel to me in Coventry £30.00. If I travel to you £40.00 plus travel. Distance healing £10.00. 
  • Private one to one Reiki healing for your horse at your yard £40.00 plus travel. Distance healing £10.00.  
  • Please note I charge 50p per mile travel.  
  • Please note a practical session with your own horse is about an hour. I do not clock watch so if we run over the hour there is no extra charge. 
  • Sessions are available Monday to Friday in the day time and some week day evenings and limited availability on Saturday mornings.   


To Support Equine Communication I Provide Theory Workshops on The Following Topics: The Art of Play.  Banish Anxiety Workshop.  Intent and Energy.  Motivation. Positive Reinforcement. Relaxation. Set Yourself Up for Sucess. Bonding - Soul to Soul. (Approx 3 to 4 hours) I offer these in the following formats: 

  • One to one. On the basis you travel to me in Coventry. Price £80.00. Availability: Weekdays daytime only.    
  • Semi Private. (2 or 3 people). Perfect for you plus one or two of your friends. £55.00 per person on the basis of people travel to me in Coventry. Availability: Weekdays daytime and evenings or a Saturday morning. 
  • Group. (4 or more people). Great for groups of friends, clubs or yards. £45.00 per person on the basis of people travel to me in Coventry. I am happy to travel to run group sessions with travel expenses paid. Availability: Weekdays daytime and evenings or a Saturday morning. I also run group workshop sessions you can book onto. For more information check out the Events section on the website.