Quality Time. A member on our Non Ridden Equine Facebook group requested we resources about quality time with our equines. This is an interesting topic to ponder, as quality time depends on how you define it. The first step is therefore for you to think about how you define quality time and how does your horse define quality time?    

Some say quality time is about giving your full and undivided attention to another. Being a 100% in the moment. No distractions, a state of being rather than doing. Giving ourselves over to our equine to strengthen the connection, relationship and bond. For this to truly work for both parties we must consider what our equine finds meaningful, enjoyable, interesting and fun. Quality time with our equine is about a mutually agreed shared activity both enjoy and it must be fun. 

Quality and Quantity. We often live in a world that is fast paced and pressured. Time becomes limited and it can lead to a dilemma of wanting to give our equines as much of our attention as possible alongside the reality of life’s pressures. There is no easy answer. One to ponder is our equine has much to teach us in regards to stepping off our crazy human wheel and step into their world.  

Quality Time the Gift of Love. Quality time is the language of love and can cross the species divide. Love is the strongest bond between two beings. Humans and equines express love in different ways, in different languages. Learning our equine’s language is the key to success. So a wise investment is learning, and learning is lifelong.

If we use quality time to truly understand our equine and what makes our equine happy we gain many insights into how to forge a strong bond. Here are some tips to ponder get you started with quality time.

  • Mutual trust and trustworthiness provide stability and safety in a relationship.
  • Remain open and attentive, give your equine your full attention.
  • Put away your phone or turn it off.
  • Set your environment up for success - remove distractions.
  • Listen and observe to truly understand your equine and its feelings. And care about how your equine feels.
  • Let your equine have a say and an opinion. Let your equine input into the quality time. What do they enjoy? It is easy to get hooked up on a human agenda. Quality time is 50 / 50.
  • What does your equine think about the quality time? Review feedback and adjust.
  • Be your authentic self, incongruence rattles equines.
  • Give from the heart and wait
  • Wait for your equine to understand and respond.
  • Every equine and human relationship is different. One size will never fit all. Your quality time will be unique.  
  • Enjoy every opportunity to spend time with your equine.