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Unique hand made dream catchers by Vicki Jayne Yates. 

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My dream catchers are very different from mass produced dream catchers.

  • Each is a unique artistic creation made by myself with love.
  • I include semi-precious crystals for the benefits they bring which I reiki bless.
  • I am inspired by nature and use materials found in nature. To connect us to the profound healing from mother-nature. 

My dream catchers may have some similarities to Native American dream catchers, however they are different. Native American dream catchers, the belief is they act as a filter that captures bad dreams allowing good dreams to pass through the hole in the middle. Native American dream catchers are considered a sacred symbol. I totally respect this. I not trying to recreate Native American dream catchers.   

My dream catchers deliberately do not have a hole in the centre like Native American ones. My dream catchers are not created as a filter for dreams. As a reiki healer and artist my dream catchers are about supporting well-being. Dreams are not random. They connect us to our waking lives by informing us and adding meaning. So in my belief they should not be filtered. They should be understood and we can learn from them. Dreams are trying to tell us something, even the bad dreams. 

My dream catchers do not have a geometric style spider web of the Native American ones, rather random weave. This randomness is made from many cords. Just as the many love bond cords we have with others over our lifetimes. 

Dreams come and go through our different sleep stages. Our unconscious sleep state our brain in the early part of our sleep may use the most recent memories and the later part of sleep may go back to more distant memories. Future-oriented dreams may come closer to waking. So unconsciously we are trying to process and prepare for how to handle life. 

Dreaming helps us to strengthen our memories, solve problems and prepare for the future. The aim of my dream catchers is for you to use them to help you connect to all your dreams and what they are trying to tell you. Dreams are valuable information about your inner world and as such I encourage you to explore them deeply. This includes bad dreams which often are linked to inner healing work.    

The reiki blessed semi-precious crystals I use in the dream catchers are selected for the benefits they can bring. For example: enhancement of positive energy, calmness, relaxation, protection, etc. My dream catchers are about providing a comforting and supportive presence during sleep. For better quality of sleep and overall wellbeing. 

Unlike mass produced dream catchers mine are very special. Time, effort, love, passion and reiki blessings have gone into creating each unique dream catcher. With my focus on positive energy, connection to nature and reiki infused to promote a sense of well-being in your life.