Semi-Precious Crystal Browbands

  • On this page are a few examples of the handmade semi-precious crystal browbands I make. You will find lots more designs in my online shop where you can purchase the browbands. Payment has secure options including PayPal.  
  • Or I offer a Bespoke Service. So you can choose the colour scheme, the semi-precious crystals and I will make the browband to the length you require.   

My semi-precious crystal browbands are much more than beautiful browbands. Everything in this world has an energy vibration, a rhythm, a flow. This includes us, our equines, the land, nature and the universe. I am a Reiki practitioner. I also practice with Meraki in all my work. Meraki means my work is done spiritually with love, passion and soul. My focus / intent and my energy is to offer healing; to enhance life, and enrich life. Two legs or four our minds, bodies and souls have a natural rhythm, which when balanced play an amazing beautiful rhythm. One of stability, contentment, and joy. It is the inner harmony many of us seek. And for horsemanship it is the joy of a shared dance with our equine partner. Two legs or four, the world we live in, the pressures, challenges and the environment can often knock us off our natural rhythm and desired energy state. When this happens it can bring subtle negative changes or profound unwanted challenges. With this in mind I set about creating beautiful browbands with semi-precious crystals. Each crystal has its own energy vibration and benefits. Each browband is unique, a hand crafted work of art made with love and passion and reiki blessed.

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