The 4th May is the Non Ridden Equine Facebook Group's birthday.

If you want to join in the celebrations it is really easy. Plus it is FREE.

fun, free & for you and your equine

  • Check out Kez’s Club for FREE non ridden resources to inspire. Our GIFT to YOU with LOVE.
  • Share by posting in the Non Ridden Equine Facebook Group what you and your equine love to do and what you both find fun. We are all students of the horse so sharing helps others to see the rich diversity of non ridden.
  • Or share your non ridden story in the Non Ridden Equine Facebook Group. Stories matter as they are very powerful and inspirational. Many non ridden stories are profound and life changing.
  • Or if you have found some FREE fun non ridden activities others may like to try with their equines please share on the Non Ridden Equine Facebook Group. (If what you have found is not free please pop in the post the cost).  
  • Or post on your own personal Facebook page your non ridden equine photos and stories. It helps get non ridden on the radar outside of the group.

Our horse Kez is the reason we launched the original Non Ridden Equine Facebook Group. The group is not an anti-riding group as everything non ridden is of benefit to all. Tens of thousands of people have joined the group. It is a global group. If you and your equine wish to celebrate the Non Ridden Equine Group's Birthday we will be delighted to see what you post in the Non Ridden Equine Facebook Group. 

Our horse Kez has his own Facebook page - Kez the Non Ridden Cob.  

Equine Businesses. Any one who runs an equine business and wishes to support the Non Ridden Equine Facebook Group's Birthday celebration we would be delighted to see non ridden offerings for our group members. Please post in the group what you are offering. We have over 32,000 members who would love to see a diversity of non ridden opportunities.