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Real four-leaf and five-leaf clovers. The clovers I found while out walking in the Warwickshire countryside. They are not cultivated, so a true lucky find. Each has been carefully hand-picked, dried and pressed by myself.

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Four and five leaf clover are a very rare variation of the three-leaf clover. If you have ever tried to find a four or five leaf clover you will know they are not easy to find and rare. It is estimated there are about 10,000 three-leaf clovers for every one four-leaf clover and five leaf clover even rarer.

Each leaf on a four or five leaf clover is assigned an attribute. Leaf one: Hope. Leaf two: Faith. Leaf three: Love. Leaf four: Luck. Leaf five: Money.

The legends and stories regarding four and five leaf clovers have been passed down in cultures for generations. Some say Eve carried a four leaf clover out of the Garden of Eden. Others say four-leaf clovers are Celtic charms that bring a magical protection and ward off bad luck. Some people say a four leaf clover brings good luck. Whatever you believe as four and five leaf clovers are rare it is considered luck to find them.