Many of these blogs I wrote some time ago and appeared on my old website. Please ignore the date is says it was published. Enjoy. 

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  1. Today snowflakes settled to a world of white,
    Making everything magical, sparkly and bright.
    My nose can snuffle through the snow to graze,
    A roll makes snow angels that truly amaze.
    I am cleaner after a good roll in the snow,
    Once the snow melts clean will soon go.
    Snow is fun if you have plenty to eat,
    And big piles of sweet hay can't be beat.
    My dry shelter gives me a place to rest,
    A soft dry bed to snooze on is the best.
    Fresh clean water with no layer of ice,
    It is more than wonderful and really nice.
    Hooves make ice blocks all over the place,
    You can see where Beau and I had a race.
    Equines who have everything snow can be fun,
    An opportunity to prance, dance and run.
    No loving guardian it's a different story to tell,
    Snow for the neglected doesn't end well.
    Winter's cruel grip too many suffer that's true,
    Please support a welfare for the work they do.
    Kez X 💓 X
  2. The first day of February and the sky is clear,

    The first signs of spring catkins brave with no fear.

    For the weather can be cruel and a vicious beast,

    It has been known to be icy winds from the east.

    February can be white, bleak, cold and bare,

    For some equines no one is there to care.

    Plenty will suffer the last of winter's harsh grip,

    Some will be abandoned like rubbish at the tip.

    Too many stand hungry with empty bellies,

    In deep mud that can eat the toughest wellies.

    Or left by the road to stagger with horrific neglect,

    These souls have seen no love or respect.

    The dark underbelly of the equine world many are blind,

    My humans know it is cruel and very unkind.

    Non ridden equines with no loving guardians can suffer,

    As the law to protect them needs to be tougher.

    Non ridden is not a worthless throw away soul,

    A mother passes generational gifts to her foal.

    When will humanity see non ridden equal to riding,

    We stand up and share proudly we are not in hiding.

    Non ridden voices can collectively shape change,

    And what we started is not odd or strange.

    Thousands understand the delights of non ridden,

    In the non ridden groups their stories are not hidden.

    We are not anti-riding as everything non ridden is great for all,

    Ridden equines can enjoy non ridden activities and have a ball.

    Non ridden gifts are great for all humans spirit, body and mind,

    So we make it all free and easy to access and find.


  3. Resilience can take weeks, months or years,

    As it's often about facing our darkest fears.

    Adversity is something we both know well,

    Our stories we often openly share and tell.

    Adapting to challenges isn't always fun,

    It's really hard when all is said and done.

    In the blink of an eye life can change,

    Nothing is normal everything is strange.

    Life threatening, a struggle and fight to live, Discovering who loves us for what we give.

    Abandoned and cast to one side,

    Broken it's about swallowing pride.

    Trauma leads down to a dark place,

    Many tears flowed down my face.

    Asking for help is not weak or giving in,

    It's the start of getting tools to help to win.

    Bodies never to return to before,

    That was a one way entry door.

    Accepting new physical limits is hard,

    As the mind can play the just try card.

    Emotionally trauma is confusing and black,

    Plus the inner critic loves to give flack.

    Adapting needs healing of body, soul and mind,

    And learning self-compassion to be kind.

    The other side of adversity life is not the same,

    Good times, happiness and laughter to claim.




    Kez is resilient. He has serious health conditions which means riding isn't right for him. He's with us no matter, we love him unconditionally. Kez's value is not based on what he can do or give. 


    Me....well my resilience has taken time, a great deal of time. Cancer diagnosis, loss of my horsemanship business, loss of identity, loss of independence, the dark place, the gates of hell etc....It's taken 3 years to work through to where I am today. And my inner work is paying off.

  4. Watching and learning from Victoria the goose,
    Sure is inspiring to getting full on foot loose.
    She gave me the idea of what the puddle is for,
    The pleasures of the puddle she does adore.
    She is so beautiful and gleaming bright white,
    Enjoying pleasures of a spa day puddle delight,
    Beau and I started off with paddling our toes,
    Then sploshing the water about with my nose.
    Leaping and jumping to churned up the mud,
    Then sit and lie in it with my very best bud.
    Roll and get the beauty treatment to the skin,
    When it's dripping off I can say it's a big win.
    The beauty treatment did look a bit of a mess,
    Our spa day wasn't like Victoria's we confess.
    Not washed, preened and gleaming white,
    Bog monsters got out looking quiet a fright.
    I was ready to go to the best in the show,
    Yes bog monsters can enter you know.
    Being a mud monster you can be a winner,
    I even won a lovely haynet for my dinner.
    Rosettes for getting well and truly caked,
    A talent for enjoying dirt can't be faked.
    spa day