Many of these blogs I wrote some time ago and appeared on my old website. Please ignore the date is says it was published. Enjoy. 

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  1. Bluebells in May and green on the trees,
    Soon the grass will be as tall as my knees.
    Warmer, drier weather is great for a stroll,
    Walking is great for mind, body and soul.
    Five beautiful things you can see,
    You can even count little me.
    Touch on your walk to explore,
    Textures are everywhere not just the floor.
    Birds singing, the breeze the trees chatter,
    Listening to nature really does matter.
    What scents can you explore with your nose,
    In the hedge blossom and a rambling rose.
    Taste is my favorite so a picnic or a treat,
    Positive reinforcement cannot be beat.
    Enjoy FREE resources in the Non Ridden Equine Association UK Online Library. There are lots of sections including - Hiking and Walking - Positive Renforcement / Clicker Training. And much more....
  2. In the eyes of my humans I am a winner,
    I don't need to do anything for my dinner.
    I am loved not for what I can give or do,
    Unconditionally even when I roll in poo.
    Even when I coat the mud on thick,
    Or do the limbo under the fence trick.
    My humans love me all the same,
    Even my wild stick up mane to tame.
    They know what I love the best,
    Especially new treats to road test.
    I may not be able to be ridden,
    Plenty of my rosettes are not hidden.
    I love to wear the rosettes with pride,
    Especially if my humans are by my side.
    My humans take photos of life at home,
    Even when we go out for a stroll and roam.
    Everyday life photos can be entered online,
    And give us all chance to celebrate and shine.
    My muddy monster talent that class I won,
    Plus my best trick when all said and done.
    Online showing is fun and for us all,
    Give it a go and win a rosette for the wall.
    Here is the link for information on Online Showing
    online showing
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  3. What's the best bit about the wonderful click?
    The intrinsic motivation is brings isn't a trick.
    Click for appreciation and to say yes well done,
    Positive reinforcement is super great fun.
    Reward the right stuff and for a try,
    Give it a go don't worry or be shy.
    We have free resources to get you started,
    It can't be beat and is easy and light hearted.
    Use the link to download your gift for free,
    On the link lots of articles you will also see.
    Free, fun and for you and your horse,
    Your horse will be delighted of course.
  4. In an equine world where riding is the norm,
    The question not riding? is well and truly worn.
    It can be tricky to be understood as to why,
    Often judged, criticised and left alone to cry.
    Reasons can be personal or broken dreams,
    But people want an explanation it seams.
    When one is given it is often pulled apart,
    It feels like someone stamped on my heart.
    Questions like why keep a horse you don't ride,
    Is the opportunity for education not to hide.
    Justify the costs to keep a non ridden horse,
    We do it for the unconditional love of course.
    There is more to a horse than to sit on its back,
    What is needed is understanding that's a fact.
    Our Facebook group gives people a place to be,
    With others who really get non ridden you see.
    So what do you say when asked: Not riding?
    I know our friends are not shy hiding.
    Let our voices celebrate all non ridden,
    The delights are for all free not hidden.

    The Non Ridden Equine Association UK has a page to help answer Not Riding Today?

    Enjoy the free resources on the website.